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The Crime of Burglary in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The Crime of First degree burglary in ColoradoA person who unlawfully enters a building with intent to commit a crime and assaults or menaces any person or is armed with explosives or a deadly weapon commits a class 3 felony. [...]

Do I really need a lawyer for my first DUI?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

You don’t know what you don’t know! I was meeting with a client a few weeks back and she was telling me about her case. She was pulled over for a equipment violation.  She completed the field sobriety tests and [...]

The Crime of Criminal Mischief in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

A person who knowingly damages the real or personal property of another, including property owned by the person jointly with another person or property owned by the person, in which another person has an interest, commits criminal mischief. 18-4-501 (1) [...]

US Supreme Court Strikes Down Request to Permit Warrantless Blood Draws

By admin Nov 16, 2016

supreme-court According to a recent news report, the Supreme Court has refused a request from Colorado prosecutors to reconsider using warrantless blood draws as evidence in DUI cases. At the heart of the request was The People of the State [...]

Colorado BAC Limits

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Every year, Colorado records over 26,000 DUI related arrests and more than 150 deaths in alcohol-related vehicle crashes. In this year’s legislative session, lawmakers are expected to try and pass a felony DUI bill. Colorado is one of four states [...]

Homicide in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Murder in the first degree in ColoradoA person commits the class 1 felony of murder in the first degree if:a) after deliberation and with the intent to cause the death of another person, he or she causes the death of [...]

DUI Cases: There is Always Something to Challenge

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Charged with Driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs?  As a DUI lawyer in Denver I have handled over a 1000 DUI cases in my close to twenty years of practice. Each case is different. Each case is unique. [...]

The Crime of Kidnapping in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

First degree kidnapping in Colorado A person who does any of the following acts with the intent thereby to force the victim or any other person to make any concession or give up anything of value in order to secure [...]

Colorado Crimes and Offenses Involving Communications

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The Colorado Crime of Wiretapping and eavesdropping devices prohibited 18-9-302The first offense of buying, selling, or knowingly having in one’s possession any device used for wiretapping or eavesdropping, when committed with the intent to unlawfully use such device, or knowingly [...]

Understanding Reasonable Suspicion with DUI

By admin Nov 16, 2016

For an officer to have reasonable suspicion, he must have seen enough information to think that a crime has occurred or is about to occur. In the context of DUI, the officer can stop a motorist for a minor traffic [...]


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