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The legal use of alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana can lead to driving under the influence criminal charges, requiring the guidance of an experienced advocate to navigate the complexities of Colorado’s DUI laws. From the moment you are pulled over, it’s crucial to act strategically—remaining silent, noting arrest details, and avoiding discussions about your case on social media or with others. Engaging a skilled Denver DUI attorney like Richard Huttner promptly is essential for building a strong defense, especially given the severe consequences associated with DUI/DWAI charges, including potential license suspension, fines, and imprisonment. The subsequent actions you undertake are crucial as they can most certainly affect the rest of your life. Whether you made a mistake or you did not have a drop to drink, you must not delay in obtaining legal representation to safeguard your liberties.

Chraged with a felony DUI in a Denver, Colorado court significantly escalates the stakes for the people involved. These charges can lead to penalties such as mandatory jail time and hefty fines and could encompass more serious traffic offenses like vehicular assault or homicide. Richard Huttner’s expertise on these laws in this state becomes invaluable in these instances, offering aggressive defense strategies and a deep understanding of the legal system to mitigate the consequences of a conviction. His command in handling over 2,500 cases involving criminal charges, coupled with specialized training in chemical and field sobriety tests, positions him as a crucial ally for those accused of Colorado DUI offenses. The legal process, extending beyond DMV hearings to criminal defense in litigation, demands seasoned legal representation to safeguard one’s future and freedom, making Huttner’s role as a seasoned DUI defense attorney indispensable. Reach out to Richard Huttner first for a comprehensive defense strategy that takes into account the unique aspects of your legal situation and leverages his extensive ability in legal defense to safeguard your civil liberties.

What To Do During a DUI Arrest

Building your defense against a DUI/DWAI begins the moment you are pulled over by a Colorado law enforcement officer. It’s not that you need to plead your case if the officer suspects you of being intoxicated behind the wheel, but there are actions you can take to improve your chances of avoiding the consequences of Colorado’s strict DUI laws.

  • Don’t try to argue with police officers or investigators. Exercise your right to remain silent.
  • Stay calm and remember to write down all details of your apprehension. (did the officer violate your rights?)
  • Hire a skilled Denver DUI attorney as soon as possible. Let your attorney get to work investigating what happened.
  • Quickly act to protect your license from being suspended by the Colorado DMV in an express consent hearing.
  • Trust your attorney to build a defense on your behalf.
  • Avoid sharing details of your circumstances on social media or with others.

It is important to note that you could also face other charges from this incident such as reckless driving or vehicular homicide. These tips are advised by Denver DUI lawyers to protect you during DUI cases. Denver, CO, is one place that takes driving under the influence very seriously. When you are faced with a DUI charge, the only chance you have of avoiding a blemish on your criminal record is by hiring criminal defense attorneys.

An experienced DUI lawyer knows the laws inside and out. They can help you with license suspension and protect your driving privileges. Our legal team is prepared for plea negotiations and finding the best way to handle your DUI case.

When you have a DUI charge against you, you will be informed that you can have an attorney represent you in a court of law. This basic civil liberty is afforded to all to have equal representation in the courts. Unfortunately, the public defender you are assigned will likely not be the best attorney to handle your case.

Public defenders always have massive caseloads. It is simply impossible for them to provide the kind of personalized attention you need for your DUI/DWI. DUI attorneys for hire could cost more, but you can’t really put a price on your freedom. In criminal defense cases, it is always best to seek legal counsel through a local attorney, one who is familiar with the judges and other officials in your local court.

While DUI attorneys can’t guarantee a specific outcome in DUI cases, you have a far better chance of preserving your liberties when you seek the representation of criminal defense lawyers.

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There are options for your DUI/DWAI defense

Every case is unique, so it is important to remember that some defense options might not apply to your situation. When you work with a seasoned Denver DUI defense advocate like Attorney Richard B. Huttner, you can be confident knowing a strong case will be built on your behalf. He uses his proven background to create incisive legal strategies for his clients.

The following can be used to build your defense against Colorado DUI charges by your criminal attorney:

  • Breath test machine was not properly calibrated
  • Blood sample was contaminated or not properly taken
  • Police officer violated your Constitutional liberties or failed to follow procedures and guidelines according to the officer’s training
  • Witness testimony that contradicts the officer’s claims
  • Legally approved medical reason for inaccurate BAC reading

There are many other ways that you can fight charges for DUI. Your case will be reviewed to determine the unique factors that occurred and pinpoint the best possible strategy against the prosecution. The prosecution might not have a leg to stand on when you are in court. Your attorney will know exactly what to say, which precedents apply, and how to mitigate the situation.

Fighting your DUI charges in Colorado is not impossible. When you have a skilled attorney on your side, you can take on even the toughest prosecutors and judges when facing these driving charges. With Colorado’s new felony DUI law, you could be facing years in prison and up to $500,000 in fines.

You’ll also have to attend a DMV hearing regarding the status of your driver’s license. Losing your driver’s license can add to your legal challenges. It will make things more difficult for you to get around, especially when you need to go to work, school, or pick up your children. An experienced lawyer can help you with your driver’s license and create a proper legal strategy to fight these charges.

In some cases, those who are arrested on these charges aren’t under the influence of anything. The stresses of life and working late can easily make you tired. You could have red eyes from spending hours of your day staring at your computer screen, or because of a medical condition or an illness. When the police insist that you are inebriated when you are not, remember that you are afforded protections under the Constitution that you can exercise.

Before you remain silent, politely tell the officer that you want to speak with your attorney. Then make your phone call to Richard Huttner who will work tirelessly to advocate for you.

Do you really need a DUI attorney in Denver?

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence? These charges can have severe consequences on your future. Your driver’s license could be suspended, you could face time in jail or prison, and you might be up against thousands of dollars in fines. Whether there is chemical test evidence against you or you refused to take a breath or blood test, you need to act fast to protect your future. Having a DUI defense lawyer in Denver who understands your needs are imperative at this time. You don’t know what you don’t know when it comes to criminal law.

Richard Huttner is a Seasoned DUI defense litigator who has defended Colorado clients accused of drunk driving or intoxicated operation of a vehicle for more than 24 years. He has focused his law practice on helping people facing these charges. His experience includes:

  • Being a founding member of the National College of DUI Defense
  • Having special training in investigating chemical and field sobriety tests
  • Providing round-the-clock availability to clients, defending them at any time of day, any day of the week.
  • Having successfully defended more than 2500 cases using his firm understanding of Colorado DUI laws.

There are many other factors and issues that can be used to build a strong defense for your DUI case, so do not hesitate to reach out to Richard B. Huttner to discuss your charges. The sooner you make sure to get in touch with Richard, the sooner he can begin to investigate your charges and determine the best possible defense option.

Things may seem hopeless right now, though you are not alone. Many people have faced these same circumstances, and with the right attorney, they have preserved their freedom and spared their records from the mark of conviction.

When you’re up against arrest, opting for inexperienced or unqualified legal service is a risk you can’t afford to take. With your future on the line, it is more important than ever for you to have an experienced Denver DUI defense lawyer on your side. Richard is ready to take your call and provide you with the legal help you need. Contact his law firm in Denver today to request a free consultation with him or schedule an appointment through this website.

Consequences of Facing Criminal Charges with DUI

Your case may cause you more than difficulties through criminal penalties that are imposed for having a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. Even if you are impaired behind the wheel for the first time, facing criminal charges will have a profound outcome on your life.

In addition to losing driving privileges, spending time behind bars, and paying fines, this will be a lasting part of your criminal record. Beyond the trial outcome, you may lose your job or professional licensing. Certain professions will terminate an employee if they are convicted of their charges. Others may reserve the right to dismiss you from your position simply for being arrested before you can even go to court. If you are currently embroiled in a divorce and are sharing custody of your children, you may lose your chance to see them. It would be a devastating blow to you, as well as to your kids, if your charges prevent you from either taking custody or having visitation rights.

Friends and family may turn on you, even if you are wrongly accused of being under the influence. You may additionally have issues trying to rent an apartment when you have these charges against you. DUI penalties themselves may be harsh, but the reality is that every other aspect of your life can also face a very serious outcome from these events.

The law office of Richard B. Huttner can help protect you with a powerful defense when you are charged with DUI. As a criminal defense attorney with years fighting for those who face charges under Colorado DUI law, you will be in the most capable hands.

The Importance of Hiring a DUI Defense Attorney from a Criminal Defense Law Firm

When you have a DUI arrest, it is a serious matter that you should not take lightly. Denver DUI lawyers are seasoned in fighting DUI convictions. You may think that even if you’ve never been in trouble with the law before, you can represent yourself and convince those in the criminal justice system to let you go. That’s not the way DUI charges work though, and without Colorado DUI lawyers to stand by you during your DMV hearing or criminal case, you may plead guilty when you should have taken a plea agreement instead. The entire legal process is incredibly complicated, and the legal support you get by having a well-versed attorney at your sentencing hearing can make all the difference in your future and your freedom.

It is sometimes possible to get a case dismissed in the Denver area, but not without an experienced trial attorney to stand up for you in a court of law. Contact Richard B. Huttner for the kind and compassionate counsel that you deserve to stand up for you throughout the whole legal process.

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