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Sadly, Denver Child Abuse Defense Attorneys are in high demand in the state of Colorado due to the unfortunate number of child abuse cases presented to the courts every year. An act of child abuse could be physical or emotional and can be performed by the child’s parent, babysitter, teacher, doctor, and so forth. As children are generally incapable of taking care of themselves, they require an adult to guide and supervise them.

If the parent or caretaker is abusive, it could lead to severe trauma for the victims and scar the rest of their lives. One of the main factors that Denver courts consider in child abuse cases is whether the child actually suffered injury or if he/she is in danger of potential injury. This element could have severe implications on the outcome of the case.

If you’re found to be guilty of the crime, you would have to face stringent penalties and you will not be allowed to be anywhere near the child, too.

Many child abuse cases are not what they seem because of the increasing number of false and wrongful accusations. An apparent sign of abuse does not necessarily mean the child was, in fact, abused. Due to this, an experienced Denver child abuse defense lawyer is extremely valuable, and anyone who is accused has the right to defend himself or herself.

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Understanding Child Abuse Cases

If you are facing accusations of child abuse, a criminal defense lawyer will first help you understand the legal definition of the crimes you are accused of before building the best defense possible for your case. Colorado law defines child abuse as hurting a child’s health or putting their life or health in danger. This includes allowing a child to be in a situation that could or did lead to their injury.

If you face child abuse allegations, the penalties may be severe. Even the least serious allegations may lead to months in jail and serious fines. If you are accused of child abuse leading to the death of a child, you may face life imprisonment.

Because of this, your child abuse defense attorney is dedicated to protecting your future and your criminal record by working to reduce or completely dismiss the charges you are facing. Talk to your lawyer about the charges you are facing and what you can do to avoid them.

There are defenses to child abuse. You are allowed to discipline your child. If you are charged with child abuse you should speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney.

You are presumed innocent. Protect and Defend your rights.

Even a false accusation of child abuse can have a negative impact on the lives of you as well as your family members. These cases are handled with care and discretion in the courts of Denver. Child abuse cases are treated in a sensitive way and investigated thoroughly to determine the best course of action. Whether there is a serious injury or a risk of injury, it is called child abuse.

Depending on the case, there could be a wide range of penalties for the accused in court. Child abuse is broadly classified into several types, some of which are described below.

  • Sexual abuse and molestation is when the child has been abused sexually, including improper touching of the body parts and exposure to pornography, exhibitionism, or sexual exploitation.
  • Physical harm or the risk of physical harm to the child. Driving under the influence of alcohol with a child in the car is considered child abuse. Committing an act of domestic violence in the presence of a child is considered child abuse.
  • Physical abuse is when a child is found to be harmed or injured physically by the caretaker, or exposed to potentially harmful circumstances.
  • Medical neglect is when a child’s caretaker fails to provide the necessary medical treatment, putting the child at risk.
  • Physical abuse leading to serious bodily injury is child abuse.

You have rights. Defend them.

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The Legal Process for a Child Abuse Case

When accused of child abuse in Colorado, you must understand Colorado law and seek legal representation while you face your criminal charges and navigate the legal process. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to understand Colorado child abuse charges, and you may be unsure what comes next after the accusation.

While there are many steps involved in the legal process, your Denver child abuse attorney can help you understand them when you are accused of child abuse. Reach out for help with any of the following steps:

Reporting and Investigation

First, when a child’s death or injury is reported and abuse is suspected, an investigation opens into who may have caused their injuries. If you are suspected as the abuser, you may be arrested and face a child abuse charge.

When this happens, you may be arrested on that charge and taken to jail. There you will be booked and given a court date. During this time, it is best to seek an experienced child abuse attorney to guide you through Colorado child abuse laws to help you build a defense.

What to Expect During Your Trial

State laws are to protect children and ensure a child’s life is as safe and trauma-free as possible. If you are accused of violating these laws, you may need an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side as you begin your trial.

During your trial, you can expect evidence from the district attorney who will try to present you as guilty of child abuse. You can also expect your lawyer to mount an aggressive defense, presenting evidence and refuting evidence from the prosecution.

The jury will deliberate on your case once all evidence has been presented. From there, you will get a guilty or not guilty verdict. If you are found guilty, you will then face sentencing. Your attorney will work hard to avoid that result.

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Charged with child abuse?

Criminal defense attorney Richard Huttner has been successful in defending child abuse cases. Both misdemeanor and felony crimes against children require special care to defend. Often times it is necessary to hire experts to counter medical evidence. If you are being investigated for child abuse, it is important to consult an experienced child abuse attorney before speaking with police. If you are charged or arrested for child abuse, get a child abuse attorney who has dealt with the issues common in these types of cases.

In cases where you have the government charging you with child abuse for disciplining your child, the law protects your ability to reasonably discipline your kids. The government has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you were not acting reasonably in disciplining your child.

Criminal defense attorney Richard Huttner has the experience in having these cases dismissed, resolving these cases with plea agreements, and winning these cases at trial.

Seek the Help of a Denver Child Abuse Lawyer

When it comes to child abuse, sexual assault on a child, and other crimes against children, even more than in any other area of criminal defense, it is critical that you get a child abuse lawyer who has the experience to protect you during all stages of your case. You want an experienced criminal defense attorney who has been in the battle to honestly analyze your case.

If you are guilty as charged of sexual assault on a child, it is important to present mitigation to have the best chance of avoiding an indeterminate life sentence in the Department of Corrections. Often an offense-specific evaluation and starting treatment will allow you to avoid indeterminate sentencing.

If you are misled into thinking your defense is stronger than it really is, you could end up serving years in prison. If you are misled into thinking your defense is weaker than it really is, you could end up entering a plea agreement or end up on probation for years of your life.

Child Abuse FAQ

As a person involved with children, you may try to do everything you can to protect them from harm. So what happens if you are accused of child abuse?

If you need help with your case, your attorney can provide case-specific answers. As you wait for your consultation, check the following categories and questions about the general issues you may encounter during your case.

What should I do if I am arrested for child abuse?

If you are arrested for child abuse in Greenwood Village, CO, or anywhere in the Denver area, you may need help to effectively argue your defense and avoid major penalties for this crime. If you are arrested, reach out to our Denver office for help understanding the law and building your defense. Our attorneys can then argue your case and help you avoid a guilty sentencing.

What are my options for defense strategies?

If you are charged with child abuse, your lawyer can help you seek the best possible outcome for your court case. The best defense depends on the situation. For example, you may believe you are wrongfully accused and that you never abused a child. In other cases, Colorado parents may claim they only committed legal disciplinary methods. Criminal defense lawyer Richard Huttner helps clients choose the best aggressive defense for their child abuse case, and he can help them avoid penalties that can haunt them for life.

What are the common types of child abuse?

Child abuse allegations go beyond simple physical discipline in many cases. In some cases, it may be discipline causing serious injury that requires medical care, but you may be investigated for other situations by the prosecuting attorneys. Talk to your lawyer if you are accused of any of the following types of child abuse:

  • Failure to provide adequate food
  • Failure to take care of child’s health
  • Cruel punishment
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Providing child illegal drugs
  • Refusing medical treatment for child
  • Physical abuse resulting in serious bodily injury
  • Sexual assault or sexual abuse

Experienced Child Abuse Attorney in Denver, CO

If you’ve been charged with child abuse or suspect you may be under investigation, you need to speak with an attorney to begin your defense. Whether you committed the alleged crime or were falsely accused, Denver attorney Richard Huttner will fight for your rights and work to defend your freedom.

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