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Attorney Richard Huttner provides DUI and criminal defense in the Broomfield County Justice Center, which is located at 17 Des Combes Drive, Broomfield, Colorado 80020.

Broomfield_County_Courthouse.jpgRichard Huttner handles legal cases including DUI, domestic violence, drug trafficking or possession, sex crimes, kidnapping, juvenile crimes, aggravated robbery, internet or other computer crimes, identity theft, vehicular assault or homicide, murder, and manslaughter.

If you have been charged with a crime in the Broomfield area, seek representation immediately. Time is of the essence. Do not leave your future with just anyone. There are plenty of lawyers in Broomfield County, but not everyone has the background to be your best fit.

Find an experienced and hard-working criminal defense attorney who will diligently and expertly work for your best interest. Call Richard Huttner for a free initial attorney consultation.

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