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Surge In Colorado Hate Crimes

By admin Dec 24, 2020

Hate Crimes On The Rise Based on a report from the FBI, Hate Crimes were on the rise in 2019. There was an increase of over 70% from 2018-2019 creating the fourth consecutive increase in the last five years as [...]

Overdose Murder & Drug Charges

By admin Nov 14, 2020

Sale Of Drugs Leads To Death What happens when you're accused of not only the sale of a drug but the death of the individual that ingested the drug(s)? Drug charges are extremely serious charges in the state of Colorado. [...]

Facing DUI Charges In Colorado?

By admin Jun 5, 2020

What Happens If You Are Charged With A DUI In Denver? When you are charged with driving under the influence, a number of things can happen that will affect your life.  For one, the State of Colorado may revoke your [...]

What is Stalking?

By admin May 16, 2020

What You Need To About Stalking In Colorado What is Stalking?  Colorado Revised Statute Section 18-3-602 defines Stalking as directly or indirectly through another person knowingly making a credible threat to another person and in connection with the threat, repeatedly [...]

Suspected of DUI? What to do if you’re pulled over

By admin Apr 16, 2020

DUI Stop In Denver What if you're pulled over and the police suspect you have been driving under the influence (DUI). If you get pulled over, the police officer will ask for your license, proof of insurance and registration. The [...]

Colorado Criminal Code: Offenses Against Property: Trespass, Criminal Tampering, and Criminal Mischief

By admin Mar 27, 2020

The Crime of Criminal Mischief in Colorado A person who knowingly damages the real or personal property of another, including property owned by the person jointly with another person or property owned by the person, in which another person has [...]

How a Denver Attorney Can Help in Domestic Violence Cases

By admin Feb 1, 2020

When Things Go South When people start a relationship they hope for the best, but unfortunately, things do not always turn out that way. Domestic disputes are the things that plague many couples in the metro Denver area. While it [...]

Sex Offender Sentencing

By admin Jan 1, 2020

Sentencing Guidelines For Sex Offenders In Colorado Colorado Sentencing guidelines for sex offenders are very strict and leave Judges little discretion. In some circumstances, a sex assault conviction requires prison for an indeterminate amount of time--which could mean the rest [...]

Where You Charged With A Marijuana DUI?

By admin Dec 12, 2019

Marijuana Possession in Colorado As of 2014, in the state of Colorado, any resident that is 21 years of age or older has the ability to buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a time.  The latter is meant [...]

What You Need To Know About Colorado DUI’s

By admin Nov 9, 2019

Driving Under The Influence In Colorado Driving under the influence in the state of Colorado is a very serious crime. You may very well face serious fines and penalties and it is always best to be prepared in the event [...]


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