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Jefferson County criminal defense lawyer Richard Huttner provides representation in the Jefferson County Courthouse, located at 100 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Colorado 80419.


About Jefferson County Colorado

Jefferson County, Colorado is a county located in the state of Colorado. The county seat is Golden and the most populous city is Lakewood.

The county name is also the same as that of its county seat, Golden. It was named after President Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson County was created on November 15, 1861. It was formed out of the western portion of Boulder County. It originally included the area now occupied by Park County and Clear Creek County. A major coal strike occurred in Golden in 1884 that led to violent confrontations between miners and mine owners.

Jefferson County is home to two college towns: Arvada and Golden

Jefferson County’s southern border is along the north banks of the South Platte River. The county is bordered on the south by Douglas County. To the east, it is bordered by Clear Creek County and by Gilpin County, which contains the city of Central City. The county’s western border is along the Continental Divide.

The divide heads north into Wyoming and divides Jefferson County from Jackson County.

West of the continental divide, several mountain ranges are within the county, including the Bear Mountains, Stansbury Mountains, Indian Peaks, and Lookout Mountain.

Square Mileage

The county has a total area of 1,078 square miles, of which 1,056 square miles is land and 22 square miles (2.06%) is water. It has an average elevation of 5,686 feet above sea level.


  • There are three state highways that serve Jefferson County: State Highway 1, or Colfax Avenue, serves the county’s western portion and intersects with I-70 in Golden.
  • State Highway 93, which takes a northeastern route to Boulder, begins in Jefferson County and intersects US 287 just south of the county line.
  • State Highway 72 is one of two state highways serving the central portion of Jefferson County.

It begins in Golden and runs along the county’s eastern border before it terminates at US 40 in Idaho Springs.

Trains and Rails

The Denver Rio Grande Railroad and Amtrak both serve Jefferson County and provided passenger rail service until, 1983 when the “Rio Grande Zephyr” was rerouted to serve the more populated Front Range. A section of this original railroad track is now used by the “California Zephyr” that operates between Chicago and Emeryville, California.


The county’s primary airport is Denver International Airport. Jeffco Airport, in Arvada, serves smaller, private planes.

Criminal Defense Lawyer In Jefferson County Colorado

Richard Huttner is also available for cases in the municipal courts of Lakewood, Arvada, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Edgewater, Mountain View, Lakeside, Evergreen, and Morrison.

Richard handles cases involving: vehicular homicide or assault, Domestic Violence, drug trafficking or possession, sexual assault to a child, other sex assault charges, child abuse, crimes involving juveniles, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, identity theft and other computer or internet crimes, violent crimes, first or second-degree assault, and menacing.

When your future is at stake, it is of utmost importance to seek representation from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who will diligently work with your best interests at heart. You need someone with intimate knowledge of Jefferson County prosecutors and the legal system. Call Richard Huttner for a free initial consultation.


The Jefferson County Colorado Courts are a system of courts in the U.S. state of Colorado that are responsible for handling the judiciary branch of government within Jefferson County. The court system is made up of six district courts, one municipal court, and two juvenile courts. The district courts are the primary trial courts in the county and handle most criminal, civil, family law, and probate cases. The municipal court is a limited jurisdiction court that hears traffic and ordinance violations, while the juvenile courts hear cases involving children and adolescents under the age of 18.

The Jefferson County District Courts are located at the following locations:

  • The Jefferson County Courthouse in Golden, which is the county seat and home to the First Judicial District Court the address is 100 Jefferson County Pkwy, Golden, CO 80419
  • The North Jeffco Courthouse in Westminster, which is home to the Second Judicial District Court and the Third Judicial District Court, address is 7595 West 38th Avenue
  • The Evergreen Courthouse in Evergreen, which is home to the Fourth Judicial District Court, the address is 3295 South Turkey Creek Road
  • The Littleton Courthouse in Littleton, which is home to the Fifth Judicial District Court and Sixth Judicial District Court, address is 2255 West Alamo Avenue
  • The Broomfield Courthouse in Broomfield, which is home to the Seventh Judicial District Court, the address is 1 DesPlaines Street

The municipal court is located at:

  • The Golden Municipal Court, which is located at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Golden, the address is 100 Jefferson County Parkway

The juvenile courts are located at:

  • The Jeffco Juvenile Justice Center in Golden, which is home to the Second Judicial District Juvenile Court and the Third Judicial District Juvenile Court, the address is 1575 Youngfield Street
  • The Jeffco North Youth Services Campus in Westminster, which is home to the Fourth Judicial District Juvenile Court and the Seventh Judicial District Juvenile Court, address is 7595 West 38th Avenue

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