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The criminal justice system in Denver, Colorado, is known for its rigorous approach to prosecuting criminal offenses. A conviction can have severe and life-altering consequences, potentially leading to imprisonment, hefty fines, a tarnished record, and long-lasting social stigmatization. 

With so much at stake, you could need to get representation from a top-rated Denver criminal defense lawyer like Richard B. Huttner, who has over 29 years of experience in criminal law and a formidable record of successfully defending clients in a wide array of criminal defense cases.

Potential Defenses to Criminal Charges in Denver

Denver criminal defense lawyers help create a strategic and tailored approach to protect your freedom in various cases, including DUI, domestic violence, child abuse, theft, drug crimes, sexual assault, and juvenile crimes.

Colorado DUI Charges

The experienced law firm the Law Office of Richard B. Huttner can challenge Colorado DUI charges by examining the legality of the traffic stop, ensuring proper field sobriety test procedures, and questioning the accuracy of breathalyzer or blood tests. He may also explore issues related to the maintenance of the testing equipment and calibration.  These cases can be won.  Refused the test?  Fight the charges and win.

Domestic Violence

Richard Huttner can investigate the circumstances surrounding the alleged incident. This includes interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence to support self-defense claims, or demonstrating that the alleged victim’s injuries were not caused by the defendant’s actions.

Child Abuse

Defending against child abuse charges involves a thorough review of the evidence. Skilled child abuse lawyer Richard Huttner can scrutinize the facts and may seek to establish that the accused’s actions were not abusive or that the evidence against them is insufficient.  Parents and guardians are allowed to discipline.  He will also ensure that the accused’s rights are upheld during the legal process.


For theft cases, defenses can include questioning the evidence chain. Denver, CO, theft crimes lawyer Richard Huttner may investigate whether the accused had permission to possess the alleged stolen property, establish mistaken identity, or challenge the prosecution’s ability to prove intent to steal beyond a reasonable doubt.

Drug Crimes

In drug crime cases, Mr. Huttner may challenge the legality of search and seizure procedures, asserting that the evidence was obtained unlawfully. He may also assess alternative sentencing options, such as diversion programs or rehabilitation, depending on the circumstances.

Sexual Assault

Defending against sexual assault charges involves a detailed review of the evidence. Sexual assault defense lawyer Richard Huttner will scrutinize the accuser’s credibility, assess issues of consent, and evaluate potential alibi defenses or evidence of a false accusation, if applicable. Charged with indecent exposure or unlawful sexual contact?  You are presumed innocent.

Juvenile Crimes

When representing juveniles in the criminal justice system, Denver juvenile crimes lawyer Richard Huttner will emphasize rehabilitation over punishment. As an underage DUI lawyer, he may also work to secure diversion programs, counseling, or educational support, aiming to provide young offenders with a second chance to avoid the long-term consequences of a criminal record.


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    Types of Expert Witnesses Attorney Richard Huttner May Hire to Bolster Your Defense

    Our Denver criminal defense law firm can help by hiring various types of defense expert witnesses when necessary to strengthen your defense.

    • Forensic Scientists: Forensic experts can analyze physical evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, and trace evidence, to provide expert testimony regarding the accuracy and interpretation of forensic findings.
    • Toxicologists: In cases involving DUI or drug-related offenses, toxicologists can provide expert opinions on the presence and impact of substances in a person’s system, helping to challenge the prosecution’s claims.
    • Psychologists or Psychiatrists: In cases involving mental health or competency, these experts can assess an individual’s mental state, competency to stand trial, or capacity to understand the consequences of their actions.
    • Ballistics Experts: In cases involving firearms, ballistics experts can analyze bullets, casings, and firearms to determine whether the evidence supports the prosecution’s claims or raises doubts.
    • Computer Forensic Experts: In cases involving cybercrimes or digital evidence, these experts can analyze computer systems, data, and digital trails to provide insight into digital activities and potential evidence.
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    • Medical Specialists: In cases involving injuries or medical conditions, medical experts can offer opinions about the nature and severity of injuries, causation, and the timeline of medical events.
    • Criminal Profilers: In cases with behavioral components, criminal profilers can provide insight into the likely behavior or characteristics of the perpetrator, which may help in building a defense strategy.
    • Child Advocacy Experts: In cases of child abuse or child-related offenses, these experts can provide testimony about child development, behavior, or the accuracy of statements made by children.
    • Substance Abuse Counselors: In cases involving drug-related offenses, substance abuse counselors can evaluate and provide expert opinions on an individual’s history of substance abuse and its impact on their actions.
    • Domestic Violence Counselor or Therapist: A domestic violence counselor or therapist can provide insights into the dynamics of the relationship, assess the likelihood of rehabilitation or counseling as an alternative to criminal penalties, and testify about the accused’s commitment to changing their behavior.
    Attorney Richard Huttner

    How Does Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer Richard Huttner Challenge the Prosecution’s Evidence?

    The burden of proof rests with the prosecution in criminal cases. Denver criminal defense attorney Richard Huttner, with his extensive experience, excels in his ability to cast doubts on prosecution evidence, aggressively poke holes in their theories, and challenge their possible arguments in court. Here’s how he may do this:

    • Thorough Case Evaluation: Mr. Huttner begins by thoroughly reviewing the evidence, witness statements, and the prosecution’s case. He meticulously examines every detail to identify potential weaknesses and inconsistencies.
    • Evidence Scrutiny: He critically assesses the quality and admissibility of the evidence presented by the prosecution, challenging any improperly obtained evidence or inconsistencies in the chain of custody.
    • Expert Witnesses: If necessary, he may enlist the aid of his own expert witnesses to counter the prosecution’s experts, offering alternative interpretations or raising doubts about the accuracy of their findings.
    • Cross-Examination: During trial, Mr. Huttner skillfully cross-examines prosecution witnesses to extract inconsistencies, gaps in their testimony, or doubts about their credibility, thereby undermining the prosecution’s case.
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    • Legal Arguments: He leverages his deep legal knowledge to challenge the prosecution’s legal arguments, such as questioning the validity of search warrants or constitutional rights violations.
    • Alibi or Alternative Theories: If appropriate, Mr. Huttner may present alibi evidence or alternative theories of the case that raise questions about the prosecution’s version of events.
    • Emphasizing Reasonable Doubt: Mr. Huttner constantly reinforces the principle of “reasonable doubt” to the jury, urging them to consider whether the prosecution’s case truly meets the high standards required for a conviction.
    • Negotiation Skills: If it’s in the client’s best interest, he’s adept at negotiating with the prosecution for reduced charges or alternative sentencing options that minimize the potential consequences.
    • Criminal Procedure Knowledge: He is well-versed in the nuances of criminal procedure, ensuring that the prosecution follows every legal requirement and challenging any deviations.

    How Does Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Huttner Assist Clients with Bail Bonds?

    When a person is arrested in Denver, they may be taken to a local police station, detention facility, or face jail time. The arresting officer determines the possible charges, and bail may be set based on the severity of the offense and other factors. Attorney Richard Huttner would move fast with the following steps in this situation:

    • Assessment: When a client retains criminal defense lawyer Richard Huttner for legal representation, he would typically assess the client’s situation, including the charges, bail amount, and possible circumstances.
    • Bail Hearing: If necessary, attorney Huttner might represent the client in a bail hearing to argue for a lower bail amount or for the client’s release on their recognizance (PR bond) based on factors like ties to the community, lack of flight risk, and the nature of the charges.
    • Bail Bond Options: If the client or their family chooses to use a bail bond to secure release, attorney Huttner can refer them to a reputable bail bond company. These companies can assist in posting bail for the client, typically for a fee, which is a percentage of the total bail amount.
    • Bail Conditions: Attorney Huttner would advise the client on the importance of adhering to all court-ordered conditions, such as attending court hearings, following any restrictions, and avoiding further legal trouble. Failure to do so can result in the bail being forfeited.
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    • Legal Defense: Attorney Huttner’s primary focus is on building a strong legal defense for his clients. This may involve investigating the charges, gathering evidence, preparing witnesses, and formulating a defense strategy to challenge the prosecution’s case.
    • Communication: Throughout the legal process, attorney Huttner maintains open communication with his clients and their families, ensuring they understand the bail bond process, court proceedings, and legal strategies.
    • Protecting Rights: Attorney Huttner and his criminal defense law firm are dedicated to upholding his clients’ rights throughout the legal process, ensuring they receive fair and just treatment under the law.
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    Deferred Prosecution and Alternative Sentencing Programs in Criminal Cases in Colorado

    Deferred prosecution and alternative sentencing programs are powerful tools in the arsenal of skilled Denver criminal defense lawyers like Richard Huttner. These programs can offer clients the opportunity to avoid traditional criminal penalties and work toward rehabilitation and a fresh start. Here’s how these programs are typically utilized in state and federal courts:

    Deferred Prosecution

    Deferred prosecution programs allow individuals to avoid a formal criminal conviction if they meet specific conditions. The law office of Colorado criminal defense attorney Richard Huttner may advocate for deferred prosecution as an alternative to traditional prosecution, especially for first-time offenders or those charged with non-violent offenses. To make this criminal defense case, he would:

    • Assess the client’s eligibility for deferred prosecution based on factors like the nature of the offense, the client’s criminal history, and other circumstances
    • Negotiate with the prosecution to secure an agreement for deferred prosecution
    • Work with the client to meet the program’s requirements, which can include community service, counseling, or restitution
    • Ensure the client successfully completes the program, resulting in the dismissal of charges to keep their record clean

    Alternative Sentencing Programs

    Alternative sentencing programs provide non-traditional options for serving a sentence or addressing underlying issues contributing to criminal behavior. National trial lawyers like Richard Huttner and their law offices may advocate for alternative sentencing when it is in the best interests of the client. This may involve:

    • Identifying suitable programs, such as drug or alcohol rehabilitation, mental health counseling, or community service, which can address the root causes of criminal behavior
    • Negotiating with the court and prosecution to secure alternative sentencing options as an alternative to incarceration or traditional penalties
    • Assisting the client in successfully completing the program to fulfill their sentence, often leading to reduced or alternative penalties

    By utilizing deferred prosecution and alternative sentencing programs, Attorney Richard Huttner aims to provide his clients with opportunities for rehabilitation, addressing underlying issues, and avoiding the long-term consequences of a criminal conviction.


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    Jennifer DaleyJennifer Daley
    20:16 15 Apr 22
    "Mr. Huttner is worth every penny" I told him in court after my ruling. Mr. Huttner is the most responsive lawyer you... will ever work with. I texted him at all hours asking questions about my case and he always responded immediately. He is excellent in court and extremely professional. He got me the best outcome I could hope for.read more
    Jordan MontielJordan Montiel
    17:00 06 Apr 22
    Mr Richard Huttner guided me to make the best decisionat the time being and will always be grateful for him of what... he has done for my family!!read more
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    Mr. Huttner provided excellent representation and communication with him always put me at ease, Also, I want to state... that the fee he charged was worth every penny. I paid the full amount in advance and since he was able to have my case end quickly he did not hesitate to refund me some of the money that I initially paid. Thank you Mr. Huttner for a job well done!!!read more
    Adam MateoAdam Mateo
    01:48 20 Jan 21
    Richard is highly recommended! He has great communication, responding quickly to my short notice request for help. He... is professional, compassionate and has your best interest in mind. Let him know what you hope to expect and he will be honest and realistic. His pricing was reasonable and I appreciated the payment plan.read more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens if I refuse a breathalyzer or chemical test during a DUI stop in Denver?

    Refusing a chemical test can result in an automatic license suspension. Understanding your rights and the consequences of refusal is crucial in DUI cases.

    Can I drop domestic violence charges against my partner in Denver if I initially called the police?

    While you can express your wishes, the decision to pursue or drop charges ultimately rests with the prosecution. They may consider other evidence and witnesses in making their determination.

    Can child abuse allegations in Denver be based solely on a child's statement?

    Yes, but Colorado law requires corroborating evidence. An experienced attorney can help you understand how to challenge allegations that rely solely on a child’s statement.

    What is the difference between petty theft and grand theft in Denver?

    The distinction is primarily based on the value of the stolen property. Petty theft involves lower-value items, while grand theft involves higher-value items. The penalties differ significantly.

    What are the consequences of a drug possession conviction in Denver, and are there diversion programs available?

    A drug possession conviction can result in imprisonment and fines. Denver does offer diversion programs that may allow you to avoid a conviction by completing rehabilitation or other requirements.

    What is the statute of limitations for reporting a sexual assault in Denver?

    The statute of limitations for sexual assault cases varies depending on the severity of the offense and the age of the victim. You should consult with a trusted Denver criminal defense attorney to understand the specific time limits.

    Can a juvenile's record be expunged in Denver, and what is the process?

    Juvenile records can be sealed or expunged in certain cases. The process involves a legal petition, and eligibility depends on the nature of the offense and the juvenile’s age

    Choose a Trusted Criminal Defense Lawyer in Denver for a Strategic and Powerful Defense

    If you are facing criminal charges in Denver, trust your case with the experienced and dedicated Denver criminal defense lawyer, Richard B. Huttner. With over 29 years of experience and an exceptional track record of successfully defending clients in various criminal cases, he is your steadfast advocate who will fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced. Contact attorney Huttner today at 303-997-1928 for a consultation or complete this online contact form. Your freedom and future are too important to leave to chance.


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