Denver Juvenile Crimes Lawyer: Protecting Your Child’s Future

Navigating the Colorado juvenile justice system can be tough. Many parents may be worried about their children and how juvenile crimes can impact their lives. Fortunately, young people have rights when accused of a criminal offense.

Criminal and DUI lawyer Richard Huttner offers an aggressive defense in juvenile court when your child is accused of nonviolent or violent crimes. Our firm is skilled at defending minors and is here to protect juvenile clients when facing a case in district court. If you need help navigating the criminal courts for young offenders, contact our juvenile defense attorney for help.

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Why You Need a Denver Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

Juvenile criminal cases differ from adult cases because a youthful offender may face lighter penalties for criminal offenses, and your child’s charges may be removed from their Colorado juvenile records when they become an adult.

Our law office can help you navigate Colorado criminal law. We understand the laws and penalties your child may face if convicted, and we will help them avoid those penalties.

The Juvenile Justice Process

When your child is charged with a Colorado juvenile crime under Colorado law, you may need help from a law firm to guide you through the justice process. Criminal cases can be complex, and a mistake can make the district attorney sentence your child more harshly.

Following a jury trial, your child may be convicted of criminal charges, but your criminal defense lawyer will work hard for an outcome with little or no major penalties. Below are common sentencing options:

  • Up to two years in the state’s Division of Youth Services
  • County jail (if the minor has since turned 18)
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Placement with other family members

A juvenile defense lawyer from our law office can help you gather evidence to protect your child’s rights and freedom when they are facing criminal charges. When your child faces the Colorado criminal justice system, we help determine the right defense, gather evidence, and help your child potentially get their charges reduced or dismissed.

Defense Strategies for Juvenile Crimes

If your child was accused of sexual assault, your lawyer may focus on flaws in the evidence that place your child at the crime scene. In other situations, your child’s defense may include proving the accusation was false. Your attorney can observe the available evidence and determine your best steps forward.

Get Guidance from a Denver Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Parents in Jefferson County, Douglas County, Broomfield County, Adams County, Boulder County, and elsewhere in the Denver metropolitan area may find themselves overwhelmed when dealing with juvenile cases that impact their child’s future.

Fortunately, a juvenile criminal defense lawyer can help you deal with juvenile crime cases, clear juvenile records, or deal with sentencing options if your child is found guilty. A skilled criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the juvenile criminal justice system and protect your child’s future.

Criminal and DUI lawyer Richard Huttner understands juvenile law and can help you navigate the court system for your child’s case. When your child needs legal representation, reach out for a free consultation by calling or filling out our online contact form.