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Colorado deals with serious consequences for violence

violent crimes attorney denverA crime of violence conviction has serious consequences and carries mandatory minimum sentences to the Department of corrections. In some cases, the district attorney has to charge the crime of violence for the charge to be designated a crime of violence. The use of a weapon during a criminal episode in most cases makes the crime one of violence.

A major hurdle in these types of cases is often the victim or the victim’s family. Colorado has a victim bill of rights that mandates victim notification and input in the criminal process. District Attorneys have to inform victims at all stages of the case regarding bond conditions,  plea discussions, and plea offers. The victim notification process makes it very important to communicate with the prosecutor handling the matter early on in the process with investigation, mitigation, and issues that may not be obvious. The victim’s bill of rights often changes the dynamics in cases involving violent crimes.

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Defending yourself against violent crimes with an attorney

Criminal defense attorney Richard Huttner handles all crimes of violence cases including first-degree assault, second-degree assault, burglary, kidnapping, sex assault, robbery, aggravated robbery, attempted murder, and attempt and conspiracy to commit a crime of violence.

Richard has the experience in developing strong, defensive strategies for his client’s cases. He diligently works to defend and uphold your legal rights.Sometimes good people get caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. At first glance, it may seem that the allegations are unbeatable and without digging deeper for the facts a defendant may be easily convicted.

Denver attorney Richard Huttner often uses a team of investigators to assist in defending cases and making the government meet their burden.

Violent crimes defense attorney in Denver, CO

hutter PA bottom.2e16d0ba.fillWhether wrongly accused or guilty as charged, when accused of a crime of violence you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Richard Huttner is honored to represent those accused of criminal offenses. Every client is innocent until proven guilty. Set up a free consultation with him by calling his office or through this website.

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