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Our Denver Practice Areas

Richard B. Huttner is a trusted criminal defense attorney with over 29 years of experience, focusing in a wide range of practice areas from DUI, sex crimes, and assault charges to domestic violence and drug crimes.

  • DWAI & DUI Charges: Defending clients facing charges related to driving under the influence or driving while ability-impaired in Denver
  • Domestic Violence: Providing legal support for individuals accused of domestic violence offenses in the Denver area
  • Assault Charges: Offering robust defense for individuals charged with first, second and third degree assault in Denver
  • Sex Crime Defense: Skilled defense for clients facing sex crime  including indecent exposure and unlawful sexual contact allegations in Denver, with a focus on protecting their freedom and reputation
  • Internet Sex Crime Defense: Experienced in defending against internet-related sex crime charges including internet luring of a child and sexual exploitation of a child in the Metro Denver area
  • Child Abuse Charges: Advocating for clients accused of child abuse, safeguarding their rights, and supporting their family dynamics
  • Drug Crimes Defense: Vigorously defending individuals against drug-related charges in the Denver region
  • Felony Charges: Experience in handling felony charges and providing robust legal defense for clients in Denver
  • Juvenile Delinquency: Protecting the rights of juveniles accused of delinquent acts
  • Marijuana Charges: Handling legal matters related to marijuana, including possession and distribution cases
  • Menacing Charges: Offering strong defense against menacing charges in Denver
  • Violent Crimes: Strong defense for clients accused of violent crimes with an aim to get the charges dismissed or reduced 
  • Jury Trials-Case set for trial, get an experienced trial attorney on your side

If you are facing criminal charges in the Denver metro area, call criminal defense attorney Richard B. Huttner at 303-997-1928 for a consultation and secure the strongest defense and representation you deserve.

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