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Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

If you have been charged with sexual assault, you are fighting for your life.

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sexual assault crimes in Denver, ColoradoWhether you have been accused of sexual assault or sexual exploitation of a child, the stakes are extremely high in your case. Prosecutors in Colorado often show no mercy in sex crimes cases, leading to harsh penalties and heavy consequences.

Alleged offenders likely face the following repercussions:

      • Indeterminate prison sentence
      • Registration as a sex offender
      • Restricted time with people under the age of 18 including your own children
      • Mandatory sex offense treatment
      • Broken relationships and damaged reputations
      • Loss of certain licenses and jobs

It is clear that the penalties involved in these cases extend far beyond what the court can enforce—your future is on the line. You cannot afford to fight your charges alone. You need an adequate defense built by a skilled and incisive legal professional. You need Denver criminal defense lawyer Richard B. Huttner.

Regardless of whether your crime is sexual in nature or related to abuse of a child, you are up against serious charges. If convicted, your life as you know it could change forever. This is not the time to go without an experienced sexual assault attorney or child sexual abuse lawyer in Denver. While you may be the victim of false accusations, it is imperative that you retain reliable and trusted defense as soon as possible.

You are not alone during this trying time. Attorney Richard B. Huttner, P.C. has the experience and legal resources to help with your case.

He defends clients against a variety of charges such as:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual assault on a child, including position of trust
  • Sexual exploitation of a child
  • Internet luring of a child
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Public indecency

With his legal expertise and proven counsel behind your case, you can have peace of mind knowing he will fight for the most favorable outcome. No matter your situation, act fast to get legal representation you can trust to have your best interests in mind. Finding the right Denver sexual assault lawyer to defend your future is important.

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What do you get when you call on attorney Richard Huttner?

Richard is the type of lawyer you want defending your name. He has established himself the premier sexual assault defense attorney in Denver. Richard is highly skilled at handling cases of child sex abuse and has a firm understanding of the laws surrounding these cases.

Richard is always striving to secure the best possible outcome for his clients, whether that be a dismissal, a not guilty verdict or thee best possible plea agreement. You get more than just a seasoned advocate on your side when you call his firm, you get a team of skilled lawyers, investigators, psychologists and criminal justice experts.

Fight false accusations with an experienced Denver defense attorney

Child abuse is a serious offense. A child abuse and sex assault convicts can change your life. Thankfully, you are not on your own – you have an advocate waiting to help you safeguard your freedom and your future. Attorney Richard Huttner knows how damaging false accusations, misunderstandings, and one-time mistakes can be. Not only is he sympathetic to individuals facing these situations, he is ready to stand up and fight for them. As a top rated Denver child abuse defense lawyer and proven sex crime defense attorney, he has what it takes to combat your charges. Let Richard make sure your side of the story is heard and your rights are protected every step of the way.

Sex crime defense attorney in Denver, CO

sexual assault defense attorney Richard HuttnerIf you’ve been charged with a sex crime, you need to speak with an attorney prepared to guide you through your defense. Denver attorney Richard Huttner has more than 24 years of criminal defense experience and knowledge that could make a critical difference in fighting to protect your rights and freedom. Set up a free consultation with the Law Office of Richard B. Huttner through this site or by calling his office.

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