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Charged With Menacing?

If you’ve been charged with menacing, you have been alleged to have knowingly placed someone in imminent fear of serious bodily injury. In short, this means you have given someone the idea that you are going to seriously hurt them at that moment.  Menacing often occurs in road rage incidents or situations where a weapon is used to show a sign of force.

You have the right to defend yourself and often claims of menacing can be defended by the claim of self defense.

Colorado law says this could include using a knife, gun, or some other deadly weapon to make someone feel afraid for their life or fear they will suffer injury at your hands. Deadly weapons include baseball bats, bottles, rocks, hammers, knives, firearms, or sticks. Even a toy gun could be considered menacing with a deadly weapon. Use of a deadly weapon is considered a class five felony, and those without weapons are deemed Class 3 misdemeanors.

In many cases, the defendant is charged with threatening someone else with a gun or firearm. These can arise in circumstances such as disputes between neighbors or on the roadway. It takes just showing the weapon to the other party for them to call police to respond. Even if a firearm was present and not wielded by you, you can be charged with menacing.

Facing menacing charges in Colorado

If you were charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor menacing, the act was committed without a deadly weapon.  As long as you do not have an extensive criminal history, you may face probation. If you are accused of felony menacing, you are accused of using a deadly weapon in the act of placing somebody in fear of serious bodily injury.  Felonies mean you face a potential prison sentence.  Menacing is not a crime of violence and means you may be sentenced to probation.

A menacing charge coupled with a history of violent crime could mean prison time for you. If found guilty of a felony, you would lose your firearm rights, and your future prospects for finding employment or housing could become difficult.


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Defending against a menacing charge in Denver, CO


Many of these cases are based on accusations by an alleged victim. Colorado does not react lightly to such accusations and will seek witnesses to prove their case against you. It’s up to an experienced Denver attorney to walk the narrow line that protects you from facing criminal charges and establishing intent.

These charges can be defused, but a proven attorney will know the right way to approach your defense, whether it’s by having the charges lowered or completely dismissed.

Criminal defense attorney Richard B. Huttner has dealt with countless menacing cases, providing the best quality defense available for clients around the Denver metro area. In many cases, he has obtained not-guilty verdicts or has worked out deals for the best possible outcomes under the circumstances of the cases.

If you or a loved one is facing a menacing charge, there is no time to waste in contacting Richard B. Huttner any time of the day for a free consultation. The prosecution already has an advantage. Let Richard even out the odds of a fair outcome.


Defending against a menacing charge in Colorado can be a complex procedure. Trust your freedom and rights to an attorney who has more than 20 years of experience in dealing with these types of criminal charges. Richard B. Huttner has helped clients gain peace of mind by defending their interests against charges brought by cities, counties, and states. Get a free consultation today to learn how he can help you.

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