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Richard B. Huttner Testimonials

A Douglas County Client

I would recommend Richard Huttner! He is a down to earth lawyer, who knows the system and more importantly how it is interpreted in the different counties courts.  I was facing Child Abuse and Assault due to an overzealous detective who threw the book at me. Won’t go into the details but young children will say a lot when questioned by the Police. The stigma of these charges were terrible. I was embarrassed and hurt by the untruths the kids said about me.
I then went into action mode finding a good lawyer to defend me. I was referred to a few VERY high priced lawyers and met and interviewed each one. They were very good at scaring the hell out of me. They had me convinced that I was going to need a hail marry to get out of the charges. Even though they were also quick to point out that I was charged because of the affluent county and the “Westboro Baptist Crazy” DA that reigns there. If it was a different county there would have been no charges.The common thread between these fancy lawyers was “there is 0 chance that the case will be dismissed, you need to get ready for court!”
I was very dismayed at what I heard and the money that I was going to need to defend myself so before I signed up I decided to do a Google search and that is how I stumbled upon Richard. I read all the reviews and loved what I was reading!
I met with Richard and right away we clicked. Richard stated that I was way over-thinking this case. The charges were serious he said but quickly stated that I was innocent and should start acting that way … “Hold your head high”. I had begun to doubt that and it sure felt good to finally have some one basically drilling it into me.   He then stated that he was sure that the charges would be thrown out! Wow a 180′ from what I had been told. It seemed too good to be true. I said the others all said the chances of that were 0%. That’s when he went into it about how the other lawyers were great and very respectable as he knew them etc. BUT that they were overselling the story … talking it up and getting me worked up. I read into that “They were scarring you so they could over prepare and run the tab hard”.  To sum it up the charges were dropped and Richard was right! This guy is GREAT! He is by far the best lawyer I have had and I have had a few real losers!  I wouldn’t hesitate to use Richard again.  Shop around with other lawyers, get a few opinions and THEN go see Richard. You will no doubt have a similar story as mine.  Richard has restored my faith in lawyers.


A Colorado Client

The charges were serious, but Richard said I was innocent and should start acting that way. I had begun to doubt it, but it sure felt good to finally have someone basically drilling it into me.


A domestic violence client review

I found Richard via a rigorous online search for an attorney to defend myself against false, but severe, accusations of domestic violence. Out of almost a dozen attorneys interviewed, he was the first to actively listen, understand the nature of the case, and have an actionable plan right away. He also connected the dots regarding the other party’s repeated use of the system to undermine the rights of her children’s fathers, willing to allow me to assist with research to save costs and was instrumental in coalescing multiple, fractioned cases the other party had tried to have sealed before false accusations against me. He was understanding, available, and professional. I found him to be proficient in finding the right resources and translating the long, well-documented court history of the other party in filing false accusations at the same time placating the DA’s need to be extremely cautious with cases of the nature of accusations of domestic violence. Finally, Richard was extremely comfortable in the courtroom, he presented a demeanor which showed he was serious and not afraid to go to trial. My case was resolved fairly and dismissed with prejudice. I would highly recommend Richard Huttner to anyone looking for a great attorney and advocate.

Robert M. – Englewood



I was arrested, charged with 1st degree assault in Denver and facing 10 to 32 years in prison. I didn’t have any good witnesses of the incident and i did a lot of things wrong after it happened. This was a case of self defense but without good witness testimony it looked bad for me. I was lucky enough however to find Mr Richard B. Huttner. He listened to me intently and never sugar coated anything. His fees were very reasonable and presented to me before he started working on my case. There were no surprise charges later. Richard was able to prolong my trial so i could attempt to prepare for incarceration. He truly cared about my situation and continuously worked very hard to get me a better plea. Richard never pushed me into a decision and was very respectful. I eventually accepted a plea of felony menacing and i believe because of his presentation at sentencing, i was allowed to walk out of the courtroom with a suspended sentence and probation. Mr Huttner gave me and my family a second chance and i cannot express enough thanks to him for his amazing service. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal attorney!


A Boulder County Client

If you’re facing charges for a criminal offense, guilty or not, who you hire to represent you is likely the single most important decision you’ll ever have to make. The consequences of conviction are life altering and in many cases permanent. Hiring Richard was without question the best move I made as I faced charges of domestic violence and criminal mischief. His deep experience in colorado criminal defense was very evident as the entire case unfolded exactly as he told me it would. Though he ultimately left it to me to make the final decisions such as accept a plea, go to trial, etc… it was his guidance which came in the form of thorough explanation and patience with me as I processed everything, that ultimately led us to the best possible final outcome. Its hard to know how to thank someone for such service, and words certainly aren’t enough. A start I suppose is a strong recommendation to make Richard your first call should you find yourself charged or facing charges. Thank you, thank you, thank you Richard!


An Adams County Client

All I can say about Mr. Richard Huttner is that he not just saved my life, but he saved the lives of my little ones too. It does not matter what kind of criminal charges you are facing it, innocent or guilty, hiring a lawyer to fight for you is the very first foundational block to victory. The amazing job that Richard did for me altered the outcome of my life and ultimately my future and my children’s future. Richard explained the process to me, gave me candid advice, he was prepared, and provided me with very great personal service. We had to go to trial and Richard’s skills and career experience blew me away. I was found innocent/not guilty of all main charges. He owned the stage! Thank you, Richard. It has been a long journey, but we made it.


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