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domestic violence attorney Domestic violence cases are defined by several different factors, the most important being the parties involved must be or have been in the past in an intimate relationship of some kind. An intimate relationship can be with a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend even a one night relationship. While some cases of domestic violence involve actual physical violence like assault, battery, or sexual assault, others may be less obvious in nature. For example, stalking, harassment, menacing, and criminal mischief can all be considered domestic violence.

This means you could face charges for an offense you may not even realize falls under the category of domestic violence! That makes it all the more important you retain a domestic violence defense attorney in Denver for your case.

Colorado takes domestic violence cases very seriously. Colorado prosecutors are notorious for being tough, especially when it comes to assault and family violence cases.  The district attorneys have special units that prosecute domestic violence cases and they too understand the complexities and dynamics of these cases.  The DA are prepared.  It would help if you had an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands these cases and is prepared to fight for your rights and defend your freedom.

A conviction could lead to the following issues:

  • Loss of job, professional license and security clearances
  • Denied ability to serve in the military or an involuntary discharge if currently serving
  • Probation for the first offense; time in county jail for second, plus probation; jail time and potential felony on your record for multiple convictions
  • Stripped of right to bear arms (own a gun) and loss of your right to vote
  • Possible deportation for individuals who are not currently U.S. citizens
  • Hundreds to thousands of dollars in court costs and fines, costs of domestic violence treatment and other expenses
  • Mandatory protection order against you on behalf of the alleged victim – marring your relationship and your record, hurting your employability.

In cases involving children – even if the act was against the other parent – you may be stripped of custody or even lose your parental rights. No matter your circumstances, domestic violence charges can carry heavy consequences for your future.

Misdemeanor cases involve third degree assault and harassment. Harassment is the intent to harass, annoy or alarm another person–you touch the person.  Third degree assault is knowingly or recklessly touching the other person and causing pain.

Felony cases of domestic violence often include second degree assault strangulation or felony menacing–which means placing a person in imminent fear of serious bodily injury. Colorado prosecutors charge the placing of hands around the throat as second degree assault and menacing. These type of charges could mean mandatory prison.  You need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to fight these cases.


Don’t deal with the consequences by yourself. Let a Denver defense attorney help.

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What to do if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence


In many cases, accusations of domestic violence can fly in heated moments. Maybe one spouse wanted to get back at the other for filing for divorce. Perhaps a roommate mistook a certain phrase or action for being aggressive and reported their friend. Even if the accuser wishes to retract the allegation after the charges have been leveled, it is no longer in their hands. Once the State files a case, you must be ready to fight your charges.

The following tips can be crucial for your case in the long run:

  • Don’t make any statements to the police
  • Don’t speak to anybody about the situation until you speak with an attorney
  • Don’t contact the protected party in hopes they won’t mind
  • Do seek a lawyer immediately.
  • Don’t try to get in contact with your accuser—it can only hurt your case.
  • Retain a Denver domestic violence defense attorney right away.
  • Write down everything you remember from the incident.
  • Work closely with your counsel to build a strategic defense.
  • Know your restraining order and make sure you don’t violate it.
  • Don’t get emotional or sling accusations back in (or out of) court.
  • Prepare to present yourself in a professional and composed manner.


Let an experienced Denver attorney tell your side of the story


It could happen to anyone. In the heat of the moment, accusations are thrown and all of a sudden you find yourself being arrested for domestic violence. Did you know that even just threatening your spouse or child could result in charges of domestic violence, assault and child abuse?

Though you may not lift a finger against them, your verbal statements or related actions could land you in hot water. You may have a restraining or no contact order issued against you, may have to complete mandated pretrial services, and may even be under GPS monitoring to ensure you don’t try to go back home or to restricted areas. Simply the accusation of domestic violence or assault can be a serious burden—one that you don’t have to carry alone.

When you turn to attorney Richard Huttner for representation, he can craft a defense based on your unique circumstances. For example, he may be able to demonstrate that your actions were self-defense, that you were falsely accused for malicious reasons, you were defending another

(such as a child), or even that you were rightfully protecting your property.

Don’t deal with the consequences by yourself. Let a Denver defense attorney help.

When you need a domestic violence defense lawyer in Denver to step in and protect your future, contact Richard. Having successfully resolved and won a large number of the domestic violence and assault cases he has taken on in Colorado, Richard is highly qualified to defend you. He can aggressively advocate on your behalf and ensure your side of the story is heard.

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