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Getting A DWI After an Invalid Traffic Stop

By admin Jun 21, 2021

Challenging A DWI Starts With Examining The Evidence First item on the agenda is investigating the details behind the traffic stop. An attorney should question whether or not the police officer had any cause to pull you over, or if [...]

What to Do If You Were Charged With Resisting Arrest

By admin May 20, 2021

Resisting Arrest In Colorado Resisting arrest is a serious charge and it’s one that’s not well tolerated in the state of Colorado. If you’re facing the accusation of resisting arrest, you may be worried that no one will take your [...]

How to Defend Yourself Against Possession with Intent to Distribute

By admin Apr 16, 2021

Fighting Possession With Intent Charges In Colorado Being charged with any crime is a frightening prospect. But be especially concerned if you are accused of possession with intent to distribute. Under Colorado law, this crime holds serious consequences that can [...]

How Not to Get Pulled Over & Arrested for DWI

By admin Mar 18, 2021

Colorado DWI: What You Need To Know While any officer who truly believes a person is driving drunk will make an arrest, there are certain things that increase your chances of being taken into custody. Here’s how to avoid getting [...]

Your Rights When Dealing with Police

By admin Feb 13, 2021

Police Interaction In Colorado Police brutality is a phrase often used to describe a violent interaction with law enforcement.  It’s important to know your rights when it comes to interactions with law enforcement, as well as what to do if [...]

Domestic Violence Charges In Denver

By admin Jan 21, 2021

How Can You Fight Domestic Violence Charges In Denver? Domestic violence charges in Denver can hamper your relationships, career, and life. If convicted, you will face many challenges, including potential jail time and a permanent criminal record. If you are [...]

Overdose Murder & Drug Charges

By admin Nov 14, 2020

Sale Of Drugs Leads To Death What happens when you're accused of not only the sale of a drug but the death of the individual that ingested the drug(s)? Drug charges are extremely serious charges in the state of Colorado. [...]

Colorado Criminal Code: Offenses Against Property: Trespass, Criminal Tampering, and Criminal Mischief

By admin Mar 27, 2020

The Crime of Criminal Mischief in Colorado A person who knowingly damages the real or personal property of another, including property owned by the person jointly with another person or property owned by the person, in which another person has [...]

Where You Charged With A Marijuana DUI?

By admin Dec 12, 2019

Marijuana Possession in Colorado As of 2014, in the state of Colorado, any resident that is 21 years of age or older has the ability to buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a time.  The latter is meant [...]

Can I Get Probation for A DUI or DWAI Charge in Colorado?

By admin Dec 19, 2018

Have you recently been pulled over and accused of DUI or DWAI? It’s imperative that you retain experienced legal representation immediately as the consequences on the line can be severe. Clients and potential clients of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney [...]


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