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Suspected of DUI? What to do if you’re pulled over

By admin Apr 16, 2020

DUI Stop In Denver What if you're pulled over and the police suspect you have been driving under the influence (DUI). If you get pulled over, the police officer will ask for your license, proof of insurance and registration. The [...]

Sex Offender Sentencing

By admin Jan 1, 2020

Sentencing Guidelines For Sex Offenders In Colorado Colorado Sentencing guidelines for sex offenders are very strict and leave Judges little discretion. In some circumstances, a sex assault conviction requires prison for an indeterminate amount of time--which could mean the rest [...]

Where You Charged With A Marijuana DUI?

By admin Dec 12, 2019

Marijuana Possession in Colorado As of 2014, in the state of Colorado, any resident that is 21 years of age or older has the ability to buy up to an ounce of marijuana at a time.  The latter is meant [...]

What You Need To Know About Colorado DUI’s

By admin Nov 9, 2019

Driving Under The Influence In Colorado Driving under the influence in the state of Colorado is a very serious crime. You may very well face serious fines and penalties and it is always best to be prepared in the event [...]

Denver DUI Arrest

By admin Oct 29, 2019

Were you pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence? Whether you were on your way home from an event or on your way to another location, Point (A) and Point (B) became irrelevant once you were pulled [...]

What Can I Do About An Arrest Warrant?

By admin Aug 3, 2019

First Things First People often assume that a warrant is not as bad as it sounds, nothing could be further from the truth.  It is vital that you not confuse a warrant for a piece of paper with legal suggestions. [...]

Do Accused Sexual Offenders Face A Lifelong Stigma?

By admin May 31, 2019

In addition to the criminal consequences you could face for any kind of sexual charge, you should also be aware of the social effects of being accused of this crime. Taking quick action to protect your reputation is very important. [...]

How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work?

By admin Apr 26, 2019

How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work? Have you been accused of a crime in which you might be required to list with the Colorado sex offender registry? It's important to understand what this means and the possible consequences. One [...]

What Is the Distinction Between Misdemeanor and Felony Sex Crimes in Colorado?

By admin Mar 30, 2019

How serious are Sex Crime charges in Colorado? Have you already been charged with a sex crime in the state of Colorado and are curious about how serious of a situation this is? The first step is identifying whether or [...]


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