I Have Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault. What Now?

By admin Nov 12, 2017

Sexual assault allegations have become more common in recent years, especially in light of several celebrities coming into the spotlight after claims of assault. While the public now knows more about sexual assault than ever, false claims may also arise [...]

What Is Unlawful Sexual Contact in Colorado?

By admin Oct 21, 2017

This crime is distinct from other types of sexual assault or rape allegations in Colorado and is defined as situations in which a defendant knowingly touches a victim's intimate areas or forces the victim to physically touch the defendant’s intimate [...]

Denver Protection Order Cases: What to Do When a Victim Encourages You to Violate a Restraining or Protection Order?

By admin Sep 12, 2017

Have you recently received a restraining order in a separate legal case and you’re concerned about how to best comply with it? Whether you’re facing criminal charges or not, hiring an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer can help you better [...]

What You Need to Know About Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Diversion in Colorado

By admin Aug 23, 2017

Did you know that the way teenage or young adult crimes are handled is very unique from other types of criminal allegations? It can be shocking to learn that a young adult is included in alleged crimes, but your ability [...]

What Happens After a Plea of Not Guilty in Colorado?

By admin Jul 15, 2017

  When you’re accused of a crime, the options in front of you can easily feel overwhelming. You may be getting pressure from the police to respond to their questions and it might seem as though the evidence against you [...]

Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in A Colorado Sexual Assault Case

By admin Jun 14, 2017

No matter what the circumstances, being accused of sexual assault in Colorado can be overwhelming. You might even find yourself in disbelief after officers have presented with this charge. However, how you choose to react and manage the case can [...]

First DUI Offense Ignition Interlock Requirements in Colorado

By admin May 23, 2017

First DUI Offense Ignition Interlock Requirements in Colorado Being accused of a DUI is a serious matter no matter how it happens. Without understanding your rights, you could be facing serious penalties. That’s why you need to hire a Colorado [...]

Hire Qualified Dui Lawyer Denver

By admin Jan 27, 2017

Every individual  has inherent rights and for those who have come into conflict with the law, one may not know the rights that they have. Richard B. Huttner is a DUI lawyer in Denver that will work to ensure that [...]

Felony Driving Under the Influence

By admin Jan 6, 2017

The Denver Post wrote a long article on how Judges are handling and sentencing offenders of a felony DUI.  I have handled many felony DUIs and prosecutors around the Colorado have taken hard-line on resolving these cases.  With few exceptions, [...]

Sometimes Bad Facts can be overcome and sometimes they can be made worse

By admin Dec 1, 2016

I have handled over 5000 cases in my career.  I have had over 100 jury trials.  I have tried cases in all Metro Denver Counties including, Arapahoe, Broomfield, Boulder, Jefferson, Adams, Gilpin, Douglas and Denver Counties. Facts often dictate outcomes. When [...]


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