SCRAM Bracelets : What You Should Know

By admin Nov 16, 2016

If you have been arrested on a DUI charge and there are two previous DUI convictions against you, you’ll need to adhere to specific bond conditions. To secure bail and get out of jail, you will only be allowed to [...]

Colorado DUI Arrests Over 2015 New Year’s Holiday

By admin Nov 16, 2016

As the holiday season approaches, DUI enforcements gather steam and messages on safe driving and getting a designated driver seem to fill the air. Colorado State Patrol pursues drunk drivers with a vengeance, and this was evident in the ‘Heat [...]

Three Primary Reasons to Hire a DUI Defense Attorney

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Being charged with DUI, short for Driving under the Influence can have terrible repercussions on your entire life. The consequences of a DUI conviction range from the financial to the social to the deeply personal, and they are never good. [...]

Understanding Colorado Domestic Violence Laws

By admin Nov 16, 2016

If you’ve been charged with a Domestic Violence Offense it is critical that you take the time to learn about and understand Colorado Domestic Violence Laws and Colorado Domestic Violence Sentencing. A good Denver Domestic Violence Defense Attorney will work [...]

Your lawyer has the right to confront the Laboratory Technician that does the testing

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The United States Supreme Court extended the right to confront witnesses to the laboratory technicians who examine and test physical evidence that is offered to prove guilt.  Colorado law provided the opportunity to cross examine the technician that supervised the [...]

Felony DUI Legislation in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Fighting each DUI/DWAI/DUID charge becomes very important with proposed felony legislation.   The 2014 Colorado legislature is trying to make DUI convictions a  class four felony with possible prison of 2-6 years in situations where there are 2 prior convictions [...]

Municipal Charge vs. State Charges

By admin Nov 16, 2016

In the state of Colorado, domestic violence is treated as a very serious crime and can exponentially increase your sentence. If a police officer has reason to doubt that you were involved in domestic violence, you will be arrested immediately. [...]

Peace and Order

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The Colorado Crime of Inciting riot 18-9-102 (3)Any person who incites, urges, instructs, or signals a group of five or more persons to engage in a riot commits a class 1 misdemeanor provided that no injury to a person or [...]

The Crime of Burglary in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The Crime of First degree burglary in ColoradoA person who unlawfully enters a building with intent to commit a crime and assaults or menaces any person or is armed with explosives or a deadly weapon commits a class 3 felony. [...]

The Crime of Criminal Mischief in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

A person who knowingly damages the real or personal property of another, including property owned by the person jointly with another person or property owned by the person, in which another person has an interest, commits criminal mischief. 18-4-501 (1) [...]


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