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What Should I Do If I Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence Defense

Being arrested for domestic violence in Colorado can seem like a nightmare.

Many of the specifics associated with domestic violence allegations, such as mandatory no-contact orders, mandatory arrest laws, and the perception from other people that you are an abusive person are all too common with domestic violence allegations.

The state of Colorado considers domestic violence any threatened act or act of violence upon an individual with whom the alleged perpetrator is in an intimate relationship or has been involved in an intimate relationship. Once a person has been arrested for domestic violence, the court will enter a mandatory restraining order.

After You Have Been Accused Of Domestic Violence In Colorado

This means that after you have been accused, you are not able to have any contact with the named victim through the duration of the restraining order. If you attempt to maintain contact with the victim, this is a separate criminal charge. Any third-party contact also counts, so it’s not a good idea to contact someone who knows the victim to get in touch with them. One of the most common misconceptions about domestic violence charges in the state of Colorado is that a victim can drop the charges.

In Colorado, The Prosecutor Can Drop Domestic Violence Charges Under Certain Circumstances

Colorado laws state that a prosecutor is not able to drop domestic violence charges unless they believe that there is not enough evidence to prove the case at trial. This means that the victim can attempt to contact the district attorney multiple times to request that the charges be dropped and that the case will still proceed if the prosecution believes they have ample evidence.

Don’t say anything if you have been accused of domestic violence. It is strongly recommended that you invoke your right to remain silent because anything you say could be used in the case against you. Do not contact the victim in this case rather schedule a consultation with your attorney immediately.

Get Help With  Your Colorado Domestic Violence Charges

A Colorado domestic violence defense attorney will assist you with outlining a strategy to protect your rights going forward. You cannot afford to make mistakes in these cases as this could follow you for many years to come and heighten the possibility that you will be convicted of domestic violence. Your reputation and your freedom are on the line. Don’t hesitate to get help.


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