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I Have Been Falsely Accused of Sexual Assault. What Now?

Sex Crimes Defense

If you have been accused of sexual assault, you must have a strong and swift response. Even if you are innocent, you need to take these allegations seriously, as the penalties for the offense are severe. You could face jail time, fines, and other consequences. However, with an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney, you can successfully defend against the charges.

Defining Sexual Assault

Under Colorado Law, a sexual assault is unwanted sexual contact. This could be rape, sex by coercion, marital rape, attempted rape, sexual battery, sexual harassment, and many other forms. A first-degree sexual assault is the most severe as it involves sexual penetration without consent and may also involve violence or the threat of violence.

Penalties for Sexual Assault Cases in Denver CO

The penalties for a sexual assault conviction depend on several factors, including the classification of the offense. The most serious penalties are for first-degree sexual assault and include mandatory registration as a sex offender, fines, imprisonment, lifetime supervision, parole, probation, and more. Aggravating factors like sexual assault of a minor, or a history of sexual violence convictions can result in more severe penalties.

Steps To Take To Fight False Allegations

You need to make smart decisions after being falsely accused of sexual assault. You should get a criminal defense attorney involved in the process as early as possible, as they can guide you at each step of the legal proceedings. Don’t discuss your case with anyone without a lawyer present.

You need evidence to build a strong defense. The evidence you need depends on the legal strategy to defend against the sexual assault charges. For example, if you are using an alibi that you were not present at the scene as a defense, then you need to have evidence proving that. Other legal defenses against sexual assault allegations include mistaken identity, procedural errors, and informed consent for the alleged incident.

Role Of The Legal Team In Proving Innocence And Exposing False Accusations

Have you been wrongfully accused of sexual assault? You must seek legal counsel as soon as possible. A false allegation of sexual assault can ruin your reputation. The alleged victim of sexual assault can use false allegations as a means to take revenge, gain an advantage in a marital dispute, and more. You can fight the allegation by hiring a criminal defense attorney. Our team can help you gather evidence for the case.

A criminal defense attorney can play a vital role in helping you defend against the charges. You can contact us at Richard B. Huttner, P.C., to get professional legal assistance in defending against the sexual assault charges. You are not guilty unless you are proven guilty. Allow us to fight for your rights. We have helped our clients defend themselves against criminal charges.

You can explore our website for more information about our services to fight against false accusations. When you are ready to schedule a consultation or learn about the legal implications of sexual assault accusations, please contact us at Richard B. Huttner, P.C. Our team has in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system.

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