Sexual assault on college campuses is much more complicated than a typical sexual assault case. Students can face charges due to miscommunication, confusion, and youthful errors—they can also face accusations due to malicious and false accusations. No matter your situation, if you are up against sexual assault charges as a college student, you need qualified legal representation. Call Richard B. Huttner. if you go to a school such as:

Not only is your reputation on the line, but so is your future—as a student and an individual. You could be removed from school and suffer serious criminal penalties as well. You need a proven sexual assault lawyer in Denver to defend you.

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What Is Considered Sexual Assault on a Campus?

Depending on the specific campus policies regarding sexual assault, your university may take serious action against you. For example, Colorado State University defines sexual violence as any severe sexual harassment, such as unwanted physical sexual acts (rape, sexual battery, sexual coercion, etc.) defined by state and federal law. This act must have taken place without the “victim’s” consent—in other words, the act must have been committed against their will or they must have been incapable of giving consent. This is key to a sexual assault or violence charge. Consent is informed, knowing, and voluntary. If a person is known (or should be known) to be mentally or physically unable to give consent due to alcohol use, drug use, or any other matter, it is a violation of university policy—and Colorado state law—to perform sexual acts with them.

What Penalties Am I Facing As a Student?

When you are enrolled in a university in Colorado and accused of sexual assault, you could face more than just criminal penalties. As a student, you may face severe repercussions from the college as well. That means you may be facing the following:

  • Immediate removal from campus
  • Suspension or expulsion
  • Other modification of living arrangements
  • Adjustment of class schedule
  • Ordered no contact with complainant
  • Loss of campus job
  • Removal from athletic teams or other organizations
  • Reporting to local police

As mentioned, every college has the option of contacting law enforcement if they believe a report of sexual violence concerns the safety of students. That means you will likely face criminal penalties through the court as well. This can include jail time, registration as a sex offender, a permanent mark on your record, probation, and thousands of dollars in fines.