Finding an experienced attorney to mount a Defense For Sexual Assault Charges is the essential first step if you’ve been charged. Sexual assault accusations can result in very serious consequences that may extend for the rest of your life. Only about 2 percent of all accusations of sexual assault are falsified and this means juries often take a very strong stance against the alleged offender. Talking to an experienced Denver sexual assault attorney as soon as you come to know of the charges is imperative. A skilled lawyer can determine the most viable line of defense to follow in your case and ensure that the facts are presented in such a way that you have the best chance of establishing your innocence in court. There are several options to consider when determining which line of defense to adopt to combat a Denver sexual assault accusation:

Consensual Relations

Adopting the defense that the sexual act took place with mutual consent is often tricky and challenging because it requires inuendo and witnesses to support the mood.  The ideal scenario is  to present direct evidence showing that the other party consented to the act and sometimes the facts to support consent can be compromised.  Remorse is not rape and defending the consensual sex case is complicated when alcohol and drugs are involved.  In some cases consent is not a defense and therefore consulting an attorney prior to raising any defense with a detective can save years of misery.

Pleading “Not Guilty”

Pleading “Not Guilty”  is the defense we recommend when you come to Richard B. Huttner’s criminal defense practice. This is the stance that gives you the maximum protection against legal consequences, especially long term consequences of years in prison or burdensome probation requirements such as registering in a sexual offender’s database.

You are presumed innocent.  Unfortunately it doesn’t’ feel like it once you are arrested and charged with sex assault.  You don’t have to prove your innocence but you need to present the best possible defense to make the Government prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Preventing a conviction in sexual assault cases is not easy, but with an experienced and qualified sexual assault defense attorney like Richard B. Huttner by your side, making the Government prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt, your chances of winning the case are heightened considerably. When your defense is based on “not guilty” we make the government prove beyond a reasonable doubt you committed the offense.  A very high burden for the government to meet.  If the evidence is overwhelming, a change of plea is always possible down the road but preparing for the battle always protects your rights.

With the success rate remaining low for sexual assault defendants, it is necessary for you to ensure that all avenues have been explored and all possible evidence is gathered before you present your Defense For Sexual Assault Charges. This is possible only when your defense is handled aggressively by a highly competent Denver criminal defense lawyer like Richard B. Huttner who has won several sexual assault cases and has had many sex cases dismissed or plead to non sex offenses. Call Richard B. Huttner today to learn how he can protect your rights and ensure that present the best possible defense.