Child Injury Common Claims stem from personal injury cases in Colorado that involve young children resulting in devastating physical or emotional harm and even death. Such a painful incident could risk the opportunity for the child to lead a healthy and fruitful life. If your child is the victim of the irresponsible behavior and actions of third party (individual, company or government body), you have the right to seek the guidance of a child injury attorney in Colorado.

Personal injury incidents can leave a child dealing with significant mental and physical trauma at a very young age and might hinder his/her ability to speak, walk or see. The parent of such a child has the absolute right to seek legal aid so as to ensure that the responsible parties are appropriately penalized.

With the help of a personal injury trial in Colorado State, you might be able to get adequate medical compensation which could help in the recovery of the child as he/she grows up, taking into consideration the severity of the injury. If the accident results in the death of your child, you will be entitled to benefits accruing from a wrongful death. Even though, any such compensation cannot reduce the stature of pain suffered by the family of the victim, it helps spread awareness about the intolerance of such negligent acts.

Common childhood injuries

Among a wide range of childhood injuries and accidents which may require the intervention of a child injury attorney, some of them include the following:

  • Serious brain injury
  • Sexual Assaults
  • Assaults by older children/bullying
  • Improper diagnosis/medical treatments
  • Road/ vehicle accidents
  • Accidents taking place in the park or playground
  • Accidents taking place on the school premises
  • Accidents causing deformities of different kinds
  • Drowning
  • Accidents resulting from use of faulty products
  • Accidents taking place as a result of inadequate supervision.
  • Compensation for child injuries

Are you eligible to file for a personal injury clam for the damages/injuries suffered by your child? In Colorado, the tort law or the personal injury legislation basically requires that the party which suffered injuries was owed a service and there was a violation of that service which led to damages.

The injured party, in this case the child represented by his/her parents, can seek financial compensation in terms of medical expenditure, lost earnings (current and future), pain, suffering etc. Some incidents also require the imposition of punitive compensation.

If your child has been subjected to any negligent action or behavior resulting in serious damages or a wrongful death in Colorado, you could seek the help of experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Richard B. Huttner. Mr. Huttner has the knowledge, expertise and credibility needed to represent your child as well the family in seeking a damage claim.

Mr. Huttner is well versed with the Colorado judicial system and has been involved in several child injury clam cases. He will be able to properly review your particular case through a detailed investigation and provide with different legal option to move forward with the claim.