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Worst Excuses Ever Given for a DUI

DUI Defense

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can lead to tragic outcomes. While it’s always best to avoid driving after consuming alcohol or drugs, some individuals still take the risk and later try to justify their actions with a range of excuses. This article delves into some of the most bizarre and unbelievable excuses ever given for a DUI.

The Top Ten Most Outlandish DUI Excuses

“I Wasn’t Drinking; My Car Was!” One individual claimed that the alcohol smell was not from them but from their car’s upholstery, which they insisted was soaked in alcohol.

“I Only Drank After the Accident” A classic excuse where the driver claims they were so shaken after the accident that they needed a drink to calm their nerves, insisting they weren’t intoxicated while driving.

“The Dog Drove the Car” In a bizarre twist, one driver blamed their pet dog for taking the wheel and causing the erratic driving that led to the DUI stop.

“I’m On the Seafood Diet” One driver tried to argue that they hadn’t been drinking but had consumed a significant amount of seafood, which they believed led to a false positive on the breathalyzer.

“It’s My Medication” While some medications can indeed affect one’s ability to drive, using them as an excuse for a high blood alcohol content rarely holds up in court.

“I Was Trying to Drive It Off” Some individuals believe that driving can help them “sober up.” One driver claimed they were merely trying to drive the alcohol off by taking a long drive.

“The Alcohol Is for My Car” In a twist on the “I wasn’t drinking” excuse, one individual claimed the alcohol was actually fuel additive for their vehicle.

“I Was Chased by Zombies” In a pop-culture influenced excuse, a driver claimed they were speeding and driving erratically because they believed they were being chased by zombies.

“It’s Mouthwash” While mouthwash can contain alcohol, claiming it as the sole reason for a DUI is a stretch. One individual tried to argue that their high alcohol reading was due to recently using mouthwash.

“I Thought DUI Only Applied After Midnight” One driver believed that DUI laws only applied after midnight and that it was safe to drive intoxicated during the day.

The Real Consequences of DUI

Legal Implications Driving under the influence can lead to severe legal consequences, including hefty fines, license suspension, and even jail time.

Safety Concerns DUI is a leading cause of road accidents, often resulting in fatalities. The risks far outweigh any excuse.

Statistical Fact: According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 28 people die every day in the U.S. due to drunk-driving crashes.

Impact on Personal and Professional Life A DUI conviction can have lasting implications on one’s personal and professional life, including job loss and strained relationships.

  • Reputation Damage: A DUI conviction can tarnish one’s reputation.
  • Increased Insurance Rates: Insurance premiums can skyrocket after a DUI.
  • Employment Challenges: Some jobs may be off-limits after a DUI conviction.

Statistical Fact: DUI convictions can increase car insurance rates by up to 80%.


While some of the excuses listed above may seem humorous, DUI is no laughing matter. The consequences are real and can be life-altering. It’s always best to avoid driving under the influence and to always have a designated driver or alternative transportation method if you plan to consume alcohol. If you have been charged with a DUI reach out our dedicated dui lawyer today.


  • Why do people give such outlandish excuses for DUIs?
    • Often, individuals in stressful situations, like being pulled over for a DUI, may panic and come up with bizarre explanations in the hope of avoiding consequences.
  • How accurate are breathalyzers in detecting alcohol levels?
    • Modern breathalyzers are highly accurate and are regularly calibrated to ensure their precision. While certain factors can affect readings, they remain a reliable tool for law enforcement.
  • What should one do if pulled over for suspected DUI?
    • It’s essential to remain calm, follow the officer’s instructions, and avoid making self-incriminating statements. If arrested, it’s advisable to seek legal counsel.

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