With so many of us leading busy lives, it seems as though our cell phones are never out of our hands. A time when we should be putting these devices down is while operating a vehicle. Texting and driving don’t mix, and this combination is responsible for a number of accidents on our roads.

Distracted Driving: What Can It Include?

The term “distracted driving” describes activities where drivers are not giving their full attention to the road and what is happening around them. It includes texting while driving, but also applies to changing the radio, eating or anything else that could make the driver lose his or her focus.

It’s easy for a momentary loss of focus on the road to turn into an accident that can cause injuries, some of them serious or even fatal, or damage to property.

In Denver, these cases can lead to the driver of the vehicle being charged with a DUI.

An investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the distraction, such as texting, and the charge may be updated to DUI – Texting While Driving in that instance.

Penalties For Texting And Driving In Colorado

Young people tend to be blamed for most texting and driving incidents, but they are not the only offenders. Other age groups also use their cell phones while on the road.

Simple Fine

Colorado is one of a number of states which does impose a fine for a driver who has been caught texting while driving. The amount of the fine varies from $20.00-$150.00. In Denver, a driver may not be required have to appear in court before a jury to have this type of matter resolved. He or she may be able to simply pay the fine.

More Serious Charges

It is not so simple when a driver’s texting and driving results in a serious accident which leads to injuries or the death of another person. Instead of the police issuing a ticket, the driver could be facing a charge of negligent driving or manslaughter. In the matter of a few seconds, your life and the lives of others can change dramatically.

Experienced Colorado Attorney

As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Richard B. Huttner can examine the facts of your case and provide beneficial advice regarding your options. He will aggressively defend you, taking aim at each piece of evidence to lessen its impact to achieve the best possible result for you.