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What You Need to Know About Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Diversion in Colorado

Criminal Defense

Did you know that the way teenage or young adult crimes are handled is very unique from other types of criminal allegations? It can be shocking to learn that a young adult is included in alleged crimes, but your ability to step back as a parent and get the right criminal lawyer in Denver can help them to avoid serious consequences that follow them for many years to come.

Almost all teenagers will engage in some type of risky behavior or make a bad decision before they become an adult. This may be judged as illegal behavior, however, in the Colorado courts. A strong argument could be made that there should be a way to avoid the formal processing of a young adult through the juvenile justice system in particular situations. Without such a protection, large numbers of young adults are unnecessarily processed and charged through the system, thus increasing their chance of future delinquencies.

Programs that divert you from involvement in the juvenile justice system have become more frequent and are sought after by experienced Denver criminal defense attorneys to assist the teen as well as his or her family members with avoiding the serious consequences of being processed traditionally. There are many different factors evaluated in determining whether or not a person is eligible for juvenile diversion. These include:

  • The nature of the alleged offense
  • The age of the minor
  • The minor’s conduct and character
  • The minor’s behavior in family, school and group settings
  • Any previous diversion decisions regarding compliance with such an agreement.

The young adult must voluntarily participate by providing intelligent consent and the parent and the youth need to be clearly advised of their right to refuse or consent to diversion. Consulting with an experienced Denver criminal defense attorney is strongly recommended if you have a young adult who has recently been accused of a crime. Exploring all possible alternatives to traditional handling of their case could be extremely beneficial for your teen’s future and it is recommended that you get help from an attorney sooner rather than later. When facing any criminal charges, talk to a criminal lawyer in Denver who cares about your child’s future.


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