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What to Do When a Victim Encourages You to Violate a Restraining or Protection Order?

Criminal Defense

Have you recently received a restraining order in a separate legal case and you’re concerned about how to best comply with it? Whether you’re facing criminal charges or not, hiring an experienced Denver criminal defense lawyer can help you better understand your individual rights.

Violating a protection order comes with problems of its own, so it’s far better to focus on what you can do to avoid breaking the rules.

Protection and restraining orders are often established in Denver cases that involve situations such as domestic violence or sexual assault.

They are enforced unfortunately in sometimes unfair or unjust ways. These situations can become particularly problematic for someone who is accused of violating a restraining order after a situation in which the victim who filed for and received one encouraged you to contact them. The emphasis in evaluating a case in which someone has violated a Colorado protection order has to do with the abuser’s role in violating the protected party’s rights.

The Colorado court system is not interested in attempting to understand the circumstances that ultimately led to the violation nor does the court or relevant officers care about the relative culpability of the involved parties. If both parties seek to reconcile, for example, this could still prove problematic for someone who is accused of violating the protection order. In the event that a Colorado judge removes the protection order, the parties can legally reunite. However, there can be no reconciliation if the judge orders the no contact order to remain in place. Judges across the state of Colorado take protection orders very seriously.

You should always contact your experienced Denver criminal defense attorney if you wish to reunite with the person who filed for the protection order or if you have questions about whether or not this could put you in a dangerous situation. Far too many people make the decision to reconcile with the other party in the case without first talking to their criminal defense attorney and could therefore expose themselves to serious issues.

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