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What Those Accused of Crime Should Know About the Colorado Sex Offender Registry

Sex Crimes Defense

If you have been accused of violating certain sex laws in the state of Colorado, you could face numerous consequences upon conviction including having to register as a sex offender.

A sex offender registry is a database of information about convicted sex offenders that is accessed and maintained by law enforcement. Every state has their own registry system and a person who has been convicted of specific sex offences as well as offences against children has to register at the law enforcement agency in the town or city in which he or she lives after being released into the community.

This person usually needs to re-register every single year and sometimes more frequently as well as whenever he or she moves. It could be classified as a criminal offense if a person moves and doesn’t update or fails to register at all. An offender might also be required to register with law enforcement. Information that the public can obtain about a sex offender include an offense, name and aliases, current address and photograph. The website might also include a physical description, additional information about the official sex offenses, date of birth, and the date of the offense.

If your name shows up on this registry, people might be concerned about buying a house near you or employing you. Even for a mistake made years ago for which you paid fines and served your jail time, the sex offender registry is one big way that this issue can follow you for years to come.

All of this information can follow a person who has been accused of a crime for many years to come and this is why the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney in Colorado should be retained immediately in order to protect the best interests of a person who has been accused and might face these consequences.


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