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What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Domestic Assault?

Criminal Defense

Facing accusations of domestic assault can be frightening, but it’s important that you take action right away. Here’s what you can do and how a Denver criminal defense attorney can help.

Say Nothing About It

The most important thing you can do after being arrested or even accused of committing any crime is to invoke your right to remain silent. Say nothing about any incidents that may or may not have happened between you and the person who filed the domestic violence report against you. You should especially avoid talking to police officers or interrogators about the accusations.

Don’t Talk to the Person Who Accused You

You should also avoid speaking to the person who filed a domestic violence report against you or otherwise accused you of DV. Even if they attempt to contact you about the allegations or say that they will recant their statement, you should not speak to the person who accused you of domestic violence or anyone who you know to be closely associated with them.

Often, alleged victims who are making false accusations will create setups so they can get more evidence against the person they are trying to frame.

Gather As Much Evidence As You Can

Start putting together as much evidence as possible to prove that you are innocent or that the person who has accused you of domestic assault has ulterior motives or a reason to bring forward false allegations. Make copies of emails, important documents, texts, and anything else of note and keep them in a safe place where only you will be able to access them.

Don’t Get New Charges

Avoid breaking the law and getting new charges while you’re domestic violence cases in progress. Having additional criminal charges can weigh heavily against you, even if they are completely unrelated and have nothing to do with one another. Don’t let your motor vehicle tags expire, don’t speed, abide by any child custody orders you have, etc.

Call a Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Don’t wait to take action after being charged with or even just accused of domestic assault. Denver, Colorado criminal defense and DUI lawyer Richard B. Huttner has the skills and experience to help you craft the best defense possible considering the circumstances of your case. Call our office now for a consultation appointment for more details by dialing 303-981-6366.

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