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What Should I Do If I’m Accused of Criminal Conspiracy?

Criminal Defense

The idea of being arrested for a crime is frightening, even if you’ve just been charged with being a criminal accomplice. When the police have already painted you as a criminal accessory, proving you weren’t involved in the crime at all can be tough. If you’ve been charged with being a criminal co-conspirator, here’s how to get legal help.

You Should Know How Colorado Law Treats Criminal Conspiracy 

Per Colorado statute, the perpetrator of a crime, or the one who commits it, is called the “principal.” An “accomplice” in legal terms is a person who has helped the principal in some manner in the commission of the crime. Many people don’t understand that a criminal accomplice can be held just as accountable as the principal in a court of law, even though they did not technically commit the unlawful act. 

Prepare for the Prosecution to Try to Prove Their Case Against You 

In criminal trials, the prosecution owns the burden of proof and must bring evidence to the court that shows you acted as an accomplice. To be successful, the evidence must be convincing beyond all doubt. Here’s what prosecutors need to show: 

  • Your actions were criminal in nature 
  • There is no case of mistaken identity 
  • That your aiding of the principal defendant was intentional or that you at least should have understood what you were doing was illegal 

It may be possible to bring your own evidence to the table in your case that directly refutes the claims prosecuting attorneys are making against you. For example, if you can show a store receipt or get testimony from a friend that proves you weren’t with the principal defendant at the time of the crime, this could exonerate you. Or, you may be able to prove that you didn’t have any knowledge that the principal was actively committing a crime when you were with them. 

Get a Knowledgeable Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer On Your Side 

Your best defense in a case of being charged as a criminal accomplice is to work with an experienced Denver defense attorney. Richard B. Huttner is well-versed in defending clients accused of conspiring to commit a crime or being a criminal accomplice and can help defend your rights under Colorado law. Call now for your initial consultation to discuss the specifics of your case or to learn more about the penalties you face if convicted at 303-595-4342.

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