OK so you have made the decision to hire a criminal defense attorney. Now what?  What should I expect from my attorney?  Remember this is your case.  You should expect your attorney to communicate with you and be available for you.  You are paying the attorney hard earned money; what should you expect?

  1. Client Involvement.  Some people like to be actively involved with their case while others would prefer not to worry about it.  It is the client’s case. Some attorneys enjoy having a client watching every move while other prefer to be able to work up the case and let the client know what is going on when there is something to tell.   You need to hire an attorney and philosophy that fits your situation.  I enjoy working with clients who give me as much information as they know about a situation, give me a list of people who can help and who are willing to be engaged with their defense.   Criminal defense attorney Richard B. Huttner believes it is very important to have open communication with clients.  If the client has a question, he should call the attorney.
  2. Investigation. You and your attorney should agree on the scope of investigation.  Some cases require experts.  Some cases require witness interviews.  All cases require careful thought and strategy to determine how to approach resolving the matter.  Criminal defense attorney Richard B. Huttner believes in using a team of experts to address any necessary investigation, expert testimony, or evaluations that need to be done to further the case and present the best possible defense, mitigation and investigation.
  3. Communication. You should expect your attorney to be available within a reasonable time.  If you have a question you should feel comfortable in calling your lawyer.  A lawyer should not be afraid to give you news you don’t want to hear.  After all, you are working towards the same goal.
  4. Honesty. Your attorney should analyze the peoples case often called discovery and give you an honest explanation of areas that need additional investigation, and research, potential defenses, potential pitfalls, potential penalties, likelihood of success at trial, recommendations regarding plea negotiations and a game plan for the best possible result.  Sometimes honesty hurts.  An experienced attorney will be to honestly answer questions based on years of experience.  You hire an attorney for counsel as well as to present the best possible defense.
  5. Answers. The attorney should be able to answer your questions.  Attorneys are not magicians and cannot predict the future but an attorney should be able to answer questions regarding what is going to happen, what is next and what should be expected from each state of the proceeding.
  6. Counsel.  You go to an attorney to represent you in a criminal matter.  Sometimes that includes Counsel.  You pay an attorney for advice.  You may disregard his advice but you should at least feel comfortable to listen to the advice and Counsel and consider it in making important decisions.
  7. Options. A good criminal defense attorney will get you many options.  Whether it is a favorable plea offer or different strategies to pursue at trial, an attorney should give you many options to resolve your matter.  The decision to proceed with a plea agreement or take the matter to trial, is always the clients. An open discussion with your attorney is very important in helping you make the best choice.

Richard B. Huttner limits his practice to criminal defense.  He has been practicing for 17 years and has conducted over 100 misdemeanor and felony jury trials.  Richard B. Huttner has defended over 2500 cases for clients.  Richard B. Huttner handles both misdemeanor and felony cases in all  Metro Denver counties including:  Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder,  Broomfield, Douglas, Denver, Gilpin,  and Jefferson Counties.  Criminal defense attorney Richard B. Huttner practices in most Municipalities including Aurora, Lakewood, Littleton, Englewood, Thornton, Northglenn, Sheridan and Westminster.