If you are up against charges of unlawful
sexual contact, you need to know more about your charges.  Learn what you should
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What Is Considered Unlawful Sexual Contact?

are several different sex crime charges that a person can face. While some of
the most common charges people think sexual assault, or
indecent exposure.  However, unlawful sexual contact can be just as serious as sexual assault–especially if the contact is done by force. Under Colorado Revised Statute §18-3-404, a person can be charged with unlawful sexual contact if the actor subjects the victim to any sexual contact.

Misdemeanor unlawful sexual contact does not involve any force or penetration, such as sexual assault.
The Colorado revised statute states that unlawful sexual contact can occur when
the accused inflicts contact that is sexual in nature for the purpose of sexual
gratification without consent the consent of the victim —whether the victim does not agree or is
unable to give consent due to mental state such as intoxication, or physical
inability to stop the acts.  Unlawful sexual contact as a misdemeanor is the unwanted or unwarranted touching of another person’s intimate parts without penetration.

Associated with C.R.S. § 18-3-404 without force, the class one misdemeanor include potential jail, registration as a sex offender, offense specific treatment and up to two years in jail.

Unlawful Sexual Contact where the actor compels the victim to submit by use of force, intimidation or threats is a class four felony which carries the potential of prisonStill,
those who are convicted must register as a sex offender and abide by strict sex
offender treatment rules under the Sex Offender
Management Board (SOMB). The SOMB takes a very
serious stance on individuals convicted of sex crimes—they believe that all sex
offenders have incurable “behavioral disorders” and must be monitored /
registered as offenders, no matter the severity of their crime.


the First Steps to Protect Your Future

though it is not a felony, being charged with and convicted of unlawful sexual
contact can destroy your life. Make sure you take the right steps in obtaining
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