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What Can I Do About An Arrest Warrant?

Criminal Defense

First Things First

People often assume that a warrant is not as bad as it sounds, nothing could be further from the truth.  It is vital that you not confuse a warrant for a piece of paper with legal suggestions. A warrant is issued by a judge on behalf of the state of Colorado. If that is not enough to trigger how serious the warrant is; let’s put it into perspective, that same warrant that a judge issued–also orders that any police officer can place you under arrest and book you into police custody.

Why Do I Have A Warrant Out For My Arrest?

A warrant can only be issued if a judge finds that the information provided was credible enough to meet the standard of probable cause in Colorado.  This means that another party or parties have provided information that was, at first check, found likely to be true and based in fact. At that point, the judge made the decision that you were most likely involved in the criminal matter in which your pending arrest accuses you of.  You may not even understand what you are being accused of yet, there may even be a misunderstanding, however, when it comes to an outstanding arrest warrant, it is best to retain assitance and move through the process quickly so as not to have this warrant disrupt other aspects of your life when you least expect it.

Don’t Wait, Get Ahead Of Your Arrest Warrant

It may seem easier to keep putting it off, but handling your warrant as early on as possible is the secure way to proceed.  You will want to speak with an experienced Denver Criminal Defense Lawyer who can walk you through the necessary steps to ensure that you understand both your rights and your obligations.



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