Being charged with DUI, short for Driving under the Influence can have terrible repercussions on your entire life. The consequences of a DUI conviction range from the financial to the social to the deeply personal, and they are never good. If you have been falsely accused of DUI, you will need help in clearing your name, because even if you are innocent, the consequences of being associated with the crime of impaired driving are still far-reaching. If you made the mistake of driving while drunk, high, or otherwise affected by chemical substances, a DUI attorney might be the very best person for you to know.

A DUI Attorney Can Protect Your Good Name

Impaired driving is an emotionally charged topic, and even if you are not actually guilty of it, the accusation alone can have devastating consequences. If you are guilty of driving under the influence, your reputation will suffer, especially if someone else was harmed by your impaired driving. Hiring a DUI attorney is your best move, whether you are guilty as charged. A DUI lawyer can help you to restore your reputation, either by advising you on what to do in the aftermath of the charge, or simply by helping a judge understand your circumstances.

A DUI Attorney Can Lessen the Consequences

If you are guilty of impaired driving, it may feel as though there is no point in contacting a DUI defense attorney. You may feel guilt-stricken or hopeless, especially if you hurt a pedestrian or another driver while you were drunk or high. You may reason that you are guilty of a crime and should simply take your punishment. These are natural things to feel, and they mean that you are worth a second chance. A DUI attorney can keep you from wasting years of your life in jail and can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines. Everyone makes mistakes. A DUI attorney can give you the freedom to pay for your mistakes in a constructive, life-affirming way.

A DUI Defense Attorney Can Ensure That Justice is Served

Because drunk driving is such a highly emotional topic, police officers and judges can occasionally think with their emotions when responding to a DUI situation. An officer who is angry with drunk drivers in general may feel the desire to punish you more than you necessarily deserve and may try to make it seem as though you were more impaired than you really were. A judge who has seen tragic DUI cases may want to punish you as though you had hurt someone, even if nobody was injured. Our DUI attorney is trained to spot this sort of emotional thinking and counter it with fair logic. An experienced DUI attorney will make sure you are being treated fairly and protect your Constitutional rights.

The Best Solution

If you have been drinking or if you are impaired by drugs, do not drive. If you are planning to drink, arrange alternate transportation while you are still sober.