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I found Richard via a rigorous online search for an attorney to defend myself against false, but severe, accusations of domestic violence. Out of almost a dozen attorneys interviewed, he was the first to actively listen, understand the nature of the case, and have an actionable plan right away. He also connected the dots regarding the other party’s repeated use of the system to undermine the rights of her children’s fathers, willing to allow me to assist with research to save costs and was instrumental in coalescing multiple, fractioned cases the other party had tried to have sealed before false accusations against me. He was understanding, available, and professional. I found him to be proficient in finding the right resources and translating the long, well-documented court history of the other party in filing false accusations at the same time placating the DA’s need to be extremely cautious with cases of the nature of accusations of domestic violence. Finally, Richard was extremely comfortable in the courtroom, he presented a demeanor which showed he was serious and not afraid to go to trial. My case was resolved fairly and dismissed with prejudice. I would highly recommend Richard Huttner to anyone looking for a great attorney and advocate.

Robert M. – Englewood