Sex Crimes Defined simply as Sexual Assault make up only a small percentage of the many forms of Sex Crimes. Sex crimes are all too common today and the victims often suffer extreme trauma, making it difficult to report the crime in a methodical manner. In fact, over 65 percent of sexual assault cases involving female victims go unreported to the authorities. Due to this, it is not as easy to establish the fear of committing a sex crime in the minds of perpetrators as in the case of other crimes.

A sex crime can be defined as any form of misconduct that has a sexual motive or involves sexual assault. There are numerous types of sex crimes today, some of which are sex assault (rape), unlawful sexual conduct (sexual contact without penetration) indecent exposure, public indecency, sexual exploitation of a child,  distribution/possession of child pornography, sex assault on a child, , patronizing a child prostitute, internet luring of a child,  prostitution, and aggravated sex crime like incest and sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

The Numbers

It is usually not possible to determine who will become victim to a sex assault—it can happen anytime to anyone, regardless of gender or age. Shockingly, reports suggest that nearly half of all the sex crimes in the United States are carried out by the victim’s acquaintances, 17 percent of which were committed by an intimate partner (partner, spouse, or boyfriend). Only one-fourth of the total sex assaults in 2010 were perpetrated by strangers.

Although Denver is not a high-sex offense region compared to the rest of the country, the sensitive nature of the crimes makes them a huge point of issue in the city and each case is dealt with very stringently by the authorities. In the United States alone, there are well above 75,00,000 registered sex offenders out of whom 33 percent are either living under supervision or in prison.

Ten out of every 100 women and one in every 72 men in the country are reported to have been subjected to some form of sexual harassment in their lives. Even with these staggering numbers, sexual assaults are the most under-reported of all crimes. This is due to the nature of the crimes and the stigma revolving around sex assault victims.

Sex crimes in Denver—A brief overview

In Denver, as in other regions, laws related to sex crimes are intended to protect the victims and subject the perpetrators to the right punishments. Authorities clearly understand that any form of sexual contact committed either intentionally or unintentionally, is unacceptable. The laws are also applicable to cases where one sexual partner has an STD or virus that the other partner is unaware.

For sex crimes involving minors, each state can have a different set of laws, such as the definition of the age of consent and so forth. Being one of the most passive crimes in the world, sexual assaults are not taken lightly and Denver authorities are legally obligated to protect one or all participants in a sex crime.

If you’re arrested for a sex crime, you are advised to contact experienced defense attorney Richard B. Huttner P.C. as soon as possible. The crime generally involves a huge deal of stigma and confusion, and it can be difficult to remove your charges if you don’t have a proper legal representative on your side.