If you are reading this blog, it is safe to assume that you have not hired a lawyer for being charged with driving under influence. Each DUI case is unique. Sure it is possible for you to handle the case without an attorney. You can obtain a copy of police report. You can even order a retest of your blood test. You can read up on the field sobriety tests. But do you want to risk making the wrong decision. Do you know whether the officer had a valid reason to contact you? A valid reason to ask you undergo the voluntary field sobriety tests? A valid reason to search your car? A valid reason to arrest you? A valid reason to ask you to undergo a blood or breath test? Were the tests administrated correctly? Haven’t even thought of negotiating with a deputy district attorney or speaking to the Judge. Do you need a lawyer? If you are facing jail—I wouldn’t go to court without an attorney like Richard B. Huttner, P.C. to represent me. You could do it but. . . .

Lawyer’s opinion can be surprisingly valuable

Since you already have a few opinions concerning your case, it will be wise to get an opinion from an experienced lawyer in Denver, CO. It is possible that you may miss something important,.

You may not need a lawyer if you plead guilty

In some cases you may not be able to avoid a guilty plea. If it is your first offense, and it is DUI case with a minor accident, numerous admissions to drinking a lot of alcohol, witnesses, video, poor results on roadsides and a valid blood or breath alcohol result. You may think you do not need a lawyer to plead guilty when the court hearing comes up, but you don’t know what you don’t know. A lawyer can help you with the process. You don’t know if there was a proper stop, proper investigation, and the proper gathering of evidence to warrant conviction or dismissal. A lawyer can properly advise you of your chances of fighting the case.

Using lawyers to assist in plea negotiations

With increase of uncertainty, it becomes possible to plea bargain, which increases the benefits of hiring an attorney. To make an example, if BAC after tests display 0.081 or 0.066, and inconclusive field sobriety tests, prosecution may consider reducing charges from DUI to a lesser serious offenses like driving while ability impaired or reckless driving.