The Crime of Menacing in Colorado


A person who knowingly places or attempts to place another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury by any threat or physical action commits a class 3 misdemeanor. 18-3-206 (1)

A person who menaces another by use of a deadly weapon or any article used or fashioned in a manner to cause a person to reasonably believe that the article is a deadly weapon, or who represents verbally or otherwise that he or she is armed with a deadly weapon, commits a class 5 felony. 18-3-206 (1)

The Crime of Extortion in Colorado

Criminal extortion

A person who threatens a person, or his or her property or reputation, to induce that person to act against his will to do an act or refrain from doing a lawful act commits a class 4 felony. 18-3-207 (4)

It is a class 4 felony to, with intent to induce another person against that other person’s will to give the actor money or another item of value, threaten to report to law enforcement officials the immigration status of the threatened person or another person. 18-3-207 (4)

A person who threatens another person by means of chemical or biological agents, weapons, poison, or radioactive agents to induce the person to do an act against his or her will or refrain from doing a lawful act commits aggravated criminal extortion, which is a class 3 felony. 18-3-207 (4)