When people start a relationship they hope for the best, but unfortunately, things do not always turn out that way. Domestic disputes are the things that plague many couples in the metro Denver area. While it is hoped that domestic violence is not something a couple has to go through if it is then a Denver domestic violence attorney should be contacted. For those accused of domestic violence charges, here are some issues to be aware of.

Everyone has the right to be safe and protected

If a person has suffered violence or abuse or is threatened with violence or abuse from their domestic partner, they have Domestic Violence Attorneyevery right to contact local law enforcement and to take steps to ensure their safety. A Denver domestic violence attorney will tell anyone that pressing domestic violence charges is a serious matter and will take time and resources for law enforcement, legal counsel, the justice system, both parties involved and any witnesses to any alleged incidents.

Pressing charges is a serious matter

Making false claims of abuse against a partner or another person is against the law. False charges could result in a counter lawsuit against the original party pressing charges.  A Denver domestic violence attorney will be able to defend a person against any false charges of domestic abuse, and depending on the circumstance, the individual to that party and the case could advise pressing charges against the original party who pressed the false charges.

Domestic abuse can fall under civil or criminal law

Depending on the nature of the case, a party could press civil and/or criminal domestic abuse charges against another person or party. Civil charges would include things like a person pressing charges for a protection order against their domestic charges. Criminal charges would include any charges pressed by law enforcement officials for crimes such as harassment, assault, stalking or murder. Whether charges are pressed by a domestic partner or law enforcement, a Denver domestic violence attorney will be able to properly defend a client against either civil or criminal charges.

Domestic protection orders should not be violated

If a person has a domestic violence restraining order, the partner who is given the order should make sure not to violate the order. Violating a domestic violence restraining order can negatively impact a domestic violence case, and could result in more charges or an immediate arrest. A Denver domestic violence attorney will be able to advise any clients with a domestic violence restraining order against them.

Always speak to a lawyer

If you are charged with domestic violence, before speaking to the police, admitting any possible fault or involvement, or making any other sort of official statement, you should always contact a Denver domestic violence attorney first. Be sure to tell your attorney the facts of what occurred, and do not add false allegations or embellishments. The attorney should always be advised if there are details about the incident that were not mentioned earlier as this could potentially alter any civil or criminal court proceeding.