There are many people who like to celebrate various occasions in life, from the little things to the big, life changing events, with a night out. Having fun and celebrating responsibly is a great thing to do, but unfortunately it can be easy for some people to get carried away. When this happens, it is important for people to make the best decision to protect themselves and those around them. Here is some information on how to avoid a drunk driving arrest and conviction.


Celebrate Life’s Big Occasions with Non-Alcoholic Beverages


There is a misconception for some people that in order for something to be celebrated, whether it is getting a promotion or getting married, that alcohol needs to be involved. This is not true. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having a drink, toasting with champagne, relaxing with a beer or another type of liquor on occasion, but it is also important to remember that alcohol does not make a celebration. A good event, or any kind of good news, is just great when being toasted with a non-alcoholic beverage (like a sparkling cider) as it is with an alcoholic beverage.


Going to Be Drinking Alcoholic Beverages? Plan


For those who are planning to drink alcohol, care should be taken not to overindulge or do something dangerous like driving under the influence. This does not mean that people cannot drink anything, but they should have a plan if they are going to be drinking. People should have a designated driver if they will be drinking. They can program local cab numbers in a cellphone or use a smartphone app like Uber to get a ride home. If public transit is available, they can buy transit tickets to get home.


Hosting an Event? Help Guests Get Home Safely


Hopefully, people will be able to take responsibility and plan ahead for any drinking they might be doing, but those hosting an event with alcohol should also take care to help people go home safely. Hosts should make sure there are some designated drivers to take guests home safely, and hosts should be sure to have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages on hand for designated drivers, and for those who do not want to drink alcohol. Having the number of a local taxi service, or a ride sharing app, can also help guests get home safely. Preventing drunk driving is the best way to stop a drunk conviction or worse from happening.


Contact a DUI Attorney


Hopefully by not drinking alcohol, or by having a safe way to travel after drinking alcohol, people will be able to prevent a drinking and driving charge and conviction or worse from occurring. If someone has been drinking and is charged with a driving under the influence, they should immediately contact a professional DUI attorney, like Richard B. Huttner, P.C., before talking to the police or any law enforcement. An attorney will be able to help decide the best course of action, should such an unfortunate circumstance take place.