For several years, the main reason behind car accidents was deemed to be alcohol consumption. Even though there are still many incidents due to drunk driving reported all over Denver, there is another factor that now shares the light with drunk driving with respect to road accidents. This factor is termed as ‘distracted driving’. And typical kind of distracted driving is ‘texting while driving’.

Such cases involve the driver either texting, eating, trying to set the radio or engaging in any other activity that could make lose focus on the road. The result could be an accident that caused destruction of property or injury or death of a person.

In Denver, when such cases are reported under DUI, thorough investigation of the accident takes place to identify the distracted driving cause (like texting) and severe action is taken against the driver under the DUI law.

Mobile devices: primary reason behind distracted driving accidents

Texting while driving accidents typically take place with the use of devices such as smart phones, tablets and GPS. These hand-held devices require a substantial amount of the driver’s attention and he thus loses focus trying to manipulate them. This in turn is a serious driving hazard. It is reported that 25 percent of accidents registered by legal enforcement constitute distracted driving.

Beware: Don’t text and drive!

One particular area that has resulted in several car accidents to be reported under DUI in Denver is texting while driving. People of different age groups indulge in texting when they are on the road handling a vehicle, even though the younger drivers are often considered to be the majority of offenders.

Several states including Colorado have regulations that impose a modest fine on a ‘texting and driving’ offender. This fine could be anywhere between $20 and $150. In Denver, it may not necessary for an offender to be presented in front of a jury for merely texting and driving, but in case the driver is distracted and this results in a serious road accident or the injury or death of another individual on the road, the entire situation could change in a second.

In such a scenario, a simple ticket handed out for distracted driving could potentially transform into a negligent driving or manslaughter indictment. It may be difficult to believe that a simple act of sending out a message or using a wireless device for a matter of seconds could lead you to serve significant jail time, but this is actually true. And in Denver, the best possible was to avoid such a situation is to keep away from all possible distractions such as mobile phones and other gadgets to reduce the risk of texting while driving accidents.

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