In order to handle cases which involve a plea bargain or sexual assault charges together requires as much knowledge and understanding of the laws as going to trial.  Almost 90 percent of such cases result in pleas and it generally happens because the accuser is hesitant to stand before the jury during court proceedings. The risk of indeterminate sentencing or mandatory determinate sentences weighs heavy when facing trial.  Often times a non mandatory or non indeterminate sentence is offered as a plea bargain and should be strongly considered.   You don’t want to overestimate the facts to have a Judge sentence you to an indeterminate life sentence in the Department of Corrections.  Take the advice of an experienced Denver sexual assault defense attorney and discuss the situation with him before you make a decision.  Remember that while only a limited number of cases get prosecuted by the district attorney, the consequences can be very serious if you are found guilty of any sex crime. 

Why should you accept a plea bargain?

Depending the strength of the case against you and possible defense to the accusation, accepting a plea bargain in a sexual assault accusation may be the best course of action for you, the defendant. The primary benefit of any plea bargain is that your sentence may be lighter than what it would be if you went through all the court proceedings. Apart from a lighter sentence, convictions carry several consequences such as restrictions on carrying firearms, loss of certain licenses and certifications and so on even after your term of conviction is over. These sometimes can be avoided with plea bargains. However, if your attorney is asking you to take a plea bargain when you don’t want to take a plea bargain then you need to get a second opinion.  Richard B. Huttner does not force any client to take a plea bargain.  Your attorney is required to present all plea negotiations to you before deciding whether to accept a plea bargain or take the matter to trial.  It is always the client’s decision whether to accept a plea bargain.

There are other reasons to opt for a plea bargain as well and these may impact the society as a whole rather than just you, the defendant.   Limiting the stress on your family and the pain and embarrassment of trial may be a consideration in accepting a plea agreement.  However, in sex cases, the burdens of probation are heavy and onerous.  Prisons are full of people who overestimated their chances at trial.

Plea bargains are consideration by the prosecution  to dealing with the delays that may be faced by the accuser because the criminal court system is overwhelmed with the number of cases to be tried. It may take months until the court proceedings are completed and then the convicted person may opt for appeals, leaving the case inconclusive until the subsequent court procedures are complete.  There are multiple dynamics in these type of cases and reasons why prosecutors offer plea bargains.  The defendant has to do what is best for him/her.  The attorney should be there to discuss all the options.  Richard B. Huttner has extensive experience  in handling sex assault cases.  He has won many trials and he has reached many favorable plea agreements.  Twenty one years of experience–he know when a case is best suited for the jury to decide  and when a  case should be resolved without trial.

Taking legal advice before accepting plea bargain

It is very important to take legal advice from an experienced Denver sexual assault attorney before you accept a plea bargain. Keep in mind that he may be able to negotiate the terms so that the consequences are less severe for you.  Call Attorney Richard B. Huttner’s office to get accurate, objective advice about resolving your sex assault or child abuse case.