If you have been arrested for Domestic Violence in the State of Colorado, and it is your first time, and it is a misdemeanor offense, you may be introduced into the “Fast Track” program. The fast track program is designed to help you resolve your case as early as possible by meeting with a Deputy District Attorney at the first court appearance and attempting to resolve the case at the earliest possible time.

It is important to know that you will likely be required to enter a plea of guilty to the charge and that you will usually be sentenced to at least one year of probation and likely to the minimum requirement of 36 Domestic Violence Treatment Classes.

While the fast track system may seem like an easy and affordable solution for resolving your case, you should never plead guilty to a crime until you’ve discussed your case, your rights, and your defense with an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney.

The fast-track program will have you in court on the next business day after the incident occurred, leaving you little time to explore your options. If you’ve been wrongly accused you must fight for your freedom and your rights. The consequences of a plea of guilty are severe and long-lasting and the easy way out has long-term implications. An experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive Domestic Violence Defense attorney like Richard Huttner may help you beat the charges all altogether, and will always work for the best possible outcome.


Whether wrongly accused or guilty as charged you need an experienced Denver Criminal Defense Attorney to protect your rights and defend you against government charges. Richard B. Huttner uses his 21 years of experience to resolve cases by either going to trial or reaching the best possible plea agreement. Having handled thousands of cases and completed hundreds of jury trials, Criminal defense lawyer Richard B. Huttner is battle-tested and gives an honest, experienced assessment of your legal problem.