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Can I Get a DUI Arrest in Colorado Because I Have Diabetes?

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Diabetes is a serious medical condition that affects as many as 10 out of every 100 Americans according to the CDC. This illness causes the pancreas to stop producing insulin, which the body uses to lower blood glucose levels after meals and throughout the day. The effects of uncontrolled blood sugar can damage the kidneys, heart, eyes, skin, nerves, and may potentially result in death.

But did you know that uncontrolled blood glucose can also put you at risk of getting arrested for drunk driving? Read more below and learn how a criminal defense lawyer can help you fight for your rights under ))) law.

You Could Appear Impaired If Your Glucose Levels Are Too Low

Diabetics can suffer from low blood glucose (hypoglycemia), which causes symptoms similar to intoxication – loss of coordination, confusion, blurred vision, etc. This can be mistaken as a DWI if it happens will driving. A person having a hypoglycemic episode likely can’t pass sobriety tests, even if their breathalyzer test results come back negative.

Blood Alcohol Testing Results Are Higher For People With Diabetes

Low blood sugar isn’t the only concern for a driving diabetic. High blood glucose causes natural alcohols that are produced in the mouth to increase, which can show up on a breathalyzer test. Other symptoms of high blood sugar that could be mistaken for intoxication include redness in the face, frequent urination, delayed responses, and breath that smells sweet or “fruity.”

Managing Glucose Levels When Driving

Here are some things that diabetic drivers can do to reduce the risk of getting arrested for a DUI:

  • Check your blood sugar before you get in the car.
  • Keep insulin and glucose medication with you when you drive.
  • If you feel like your blood sugar is too high or too low, pull over.
  • Check your sugar levels on the road and administer glucose or insulin as needed to restore your body to a safe, regulated blood sugar.
  • If you are pulled over, let the officer know you have diabetes.

When You Should Contact a DUI Lawyer

Your future is on the line after a DUI in Colorado and it’s imperative you take action right away to protect your rights under the law. Colorado criminal defense & DUI lawyer Richard B. Huttner can help you prove you were arrested in error. Call now at 303-981-6366.

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