Are DUI Checkpoints Legal?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

You’ve probably been through one before. A long string of vehicles being stopped to be questioned by police—a DUI checkpoint. Also known as sobriety checkpoints or roadblocks, the legality of DUI stops has been questioned for years. While certain laws [...]

New Felony DUI Laws in Colorado

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Drunk driving laws are complicated. More than that, the penalties are severe. In 2015, Governor John Hickenlooper signed a bill creating a felony-level charge for fourth DUI offenses. Prior to this bill being signed, it was possible for a driver [...]

What To Do When Your Child Gets Caught By The Law With Drugs

By admin Nov 16, 2016

When your child is caught with drugs, you may experience a number of emotions all at once. You may be feeling shocked, angry, embarrassed or ashamed. You may even think that a mistake has been made and that there is [...]

When Is an Ignition Interlock Device Required?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

If you have been arrested for DUI, you may find yourself up against penalties ranging from thousands of dollars in fines to months on probation. But what about restrictions on your license? In some cases, you may have to give [...]

When Texting and Driving Can Turn Into Something Much Worse

By admin Nov 16, 2016

With so many of us leading busy lives, it seems as though our cell phones are never out of our hands. A time when we should be putting these devices down is while operating a vehicle. Texting and driving don’t [...]

A Denver Attorney Answers: Who is my dependent? and What are neglect charges?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

  Understanding Dependency and Neglect Charges requires understand that Colorado Law considers ‘Dependency & Neglect’ (D&N) cases as those involving neglect or abuse of a child. However, it is different from a criminal prosecution as the parents involved in such a [...]

How Do Police Determine Marijuana DUI?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

DUI cases involving intoxication in Colorado are more straightforward than drugged DUI cases. Though the testing methods are in no way perfect, they are much more definitive than the typical methods used to determine marijuana DUI. Breath and blood testing [...]

Internet Luring of a Child

By admin Nov 16, 2016

The Denver sex crime attorney at the firm can defend you if you’ve been arrested for internet luring of a child in Colorado. Reach out to Richard B. Huttner, P.C. today. Internet Luring of a Child in Colorado –Get a [...]

Penalties for Criminal Charges

By admin Nov 16, 2016

There are certain criminal charges that can bring severe consequences if a person is convicted. Some of the most life-altering include sexual assault, child abuse, and sexual assault of a child. More than just criminal and civil penalties, these offenses can carry [...]

Were you accused of sexual assault a Colorado Campus?

By admin Nov 16, 2016

Sexual assault on college campuses is much more complicated than a typical sexual assault case. Students can face charges due to miscommunication, confusion, and youthful errors—they can also face accusations due to malicious and false accusations. No matter your situation, [...]


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