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Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in A Colorado Sexual Assault Case

Sex Crimes Defense

No matter what the circumstances, being accused of sexual assault in Colorado can be overwhelming. You might even find yourself in disbelief after officers have presented with this charge. However, how you choose to react and manage the case can have a significant impact on the ability to move on with your life and to fight these charges aggressively. Far too many individuals who find themselves in the situation of defending assault claims may make catastrophic mistakes that could compromise their future.


In Colorado, a felony criminal case will begin with an arrest and then charges. During this time, there would be an advisement and a bond return hearing followed by a preliminary hearing and arraignment. Motion hearings and felony jury trials may also follow. The Colorado Revised Statutes 18-3-402 prohibits sexual assault.


One of the biggest mistakes you can make in this process is talking to the police without having your lawyer present. The police are trained to investigate you and to collect as much evidence as possible to help with proving the claim. This can be extremely detrimental to your case, even if the officers are presenting you the perspective that they intend to help you. Sharing too much information only helps the officers do their job and that job is not to protect you. All information they learn during the course of their investigation, including details you willingly share, can be used to help convict you of sexual assault. The bottom line is that you should always talk to your lawyer first.


Another major mistake that you can make in your case is not hiring an experienced criminal lawyer.


Criminal law is quite different from other types of the law and requires an attorney, who has years of experience in this field to assist you. Getting the advice of a lawyer early on after being arrested, could be imperative for defending these charges successfully. This is also your best chance to walk things through with the lawyer while all of the details of your arrest are still fresh in your mind. The police may have violated your rights and this could become an important component of your defense.

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