Can I Get Probation for A DUI or DWAI Charge in Colorado?

Can I Get Probation for A DUI or DWAI Charge in Colorado?

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Have you recently been pulled over and accused of DUI or DWAI? It’s imperative that you retain experienced legal representation immediately as the consequences on the line can be severe.

Clients and potential clients of an experienced Colorado DUI attorney frequently hear the word probation when talking about their DUI case, but rarely understand how it works and when probation may be assessed. If you have been charged with any driving case related to alcohol in Colorado and your case ends in a conviction, you are almost guaranteed to at some point in time be placed on some form of probation. Probation is mandatory for all second and following offenses. T

The court has discretion, however, on whether or not to impose probation as a conviction consequences for first time DWAI or DUI offenders, but many courts do impose probation. Unsupervised probation is rare and is typically is only reserved for specific cases that have extenuating circumstances or facts. Do not when talking you will be assigned unsupervised probation if convicted in Colorado.

Supervised probation is much more likely in your case because of meetings with a probation officer. Other aspects of probation the consequences those monthly meetings with a probation officer, a monthly supervision fee that is paid as part of your court cost or directly to the probation department and likely community service hours.

Probation often requires that you pay your fines in court cost in full or have established a payment plan to address these. You should talk with your lawyer directly about whether or not you can expect that probation may be assigned.

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