How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work?

How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work?

Sex Offender Registry Lawyer in Denver, Colorado

How Does the Sex Offender Registry Work?

Have you been accused of a crime in which you might be required to list with the Colorado sex offender registry? It’s important to understand what this means and the possible consequences. One of the most common concerns presented by someone accused of a sex crime is what to do if the sex offender registry is required.

This means that your information could show up in a neighborhood map when people are trying to find out if a sex offender lives or works near them.

If you plead no contest or guilty to a sex crime or are found guilty of a sex crime, you’ll be required to register as a sex offender and must regularly provide your personal details to the county sheriff or local chief of police in all jurisdictions where you reside, whether or not this is in Colorado.

Felony Sex Offenses

If you were convicted of a felony sex offense and were tried as an adult and were over 18 at the time, your information could be listed on the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s Felony Sex Offender Registry. If you were convicted in Colorado on or after 1991 for an unlawful sexual offense, or were convicted in another state which would have constituted an unlawful sex offense in Colorado, if you were released after 1991 after having served a sentence for an unlawful sexual offense or if you were convicted after July 1994 for sexual assault, unlawful sexual contact, sexual assault in the first or second degree or against a child, aggravated incest or incest trafficking in children, pandering of a child, procurement of a child, keeping a place of child prostitution, pimping of a child, indecent exposure, wholesale promotion of obscenity to a minor, class four felony internet luring of a child or many other types of Colorado sex offenses, you need to be prepared to schedule a consultation with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney.

Get Help Today

Your criminal defense attorney in Colorado should be thoroughly experienced in managing sex offenses so that you know all of the potential consequences that might apply in addition to having to be listed on the registry.     


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