In Denver, CO, a DUI offender is compulsorily required to attend a state certified alcohol treatment program or education course. In some cases it must be completed before getting the driving license reinstated. The process ensures that a person can understand that he or she has a drinking problem. Alcohol issues must be resolved before a person is permitted the privilege to obtain the drivers license.

There are numerous uncertified alcohol treatment programs. The court orders State Certified Alcohol programs. However, in some cases, the offender can go for a specific treatment if the judge authorizes him or her to do so.

  • Alcoholics Anonymous support program:It is the most popular program ordered by courts. AA members are required to follow the 12 steps mentioned in the program. They also need to attend the weekly meetings, which assist them in overcoming their affinity for alcohol. It is an outpatient treatment and there is no need for the person to leave home for help. AA is regarded as a recovery program that may last a lifetime.
  • Treatment and rehab centers: The centers are generally inpatient and the program duration lasts about 30 days. The person must compulsorily remain in the treatment center premises. All the treatment centers provide individual programs, but most of them follow the 12-step course, that provide a number of sessions all through the day. There is an even chance that a rehab will suggest AA as a follow up program. In a few and extreme cases, a person is cut off from the outside world to bolster up treatment.
  • Holistic treatment centers: A number of holistic centers use a several natural approaches to help alcoholics overcome their addiction for alcohol. Variations of holistic treatment range from meditation, talk therapy, yoga and clean eating.

In patient treatment is only the start. The main factor is to follow it through.