Colorado DUI Law was significantly changed in 2010 to accommodate compulsory jail time for most repeat offenders. There are both administrative penalties and criminal penalties for drunk driving. The list of criminal penalties include imprisonment, required alcohol education, treatment, fines and court costs among others. Criminal penalties are imposed by the courts and the administrative penalties are imposed by Colorado Department of Revenue.

The list of administrative penalties include revocation or suspension of all driving privileges. It can be due to conviction of particular alcohol offenses, or accumulation of adequate points assessed for all kinds of violations.

Penalties for second offense related to drunk driving

Imprisonment is compulsory on a second conviction for drunk driving for any accidents that have occurred post July 1, 2010. Many believe that since their last offense occurred about 20 years before,they can avoid a jail sentence. There is no restriction on how far in the past a court can consider in when considering prior offenses related to application of mandatory sentencing rules. The mandatory punishment is 10 days in jail, although in Denver, CO, you can be put in jail for up to 365 days for a second offense. It could be either jail time or home detention or a mix of both. There is no in home detention for a second offense within 5 years and the 10 days must be served consecutively and without good time.

Penalties for third offense

Post July 1, 2010, any person in Denver, CO charged with third or consequent DUI offense is liable to spend a minimum of 60 consecutive jail days. Such offenders are not permitted home detention. and work release is only authorized by the court and only to those who are currently employed. If this is a third or more offense in a lifetime the minimum mandatory is 60 days but offenders should be prepared for a much longer sentence.

Multiple Offender Programs

Some counties have special programs for individuals with 3 or more alcohol related driving offenses. Arapahoe County and Douglas County have the multiple offender program which is a combination of treatment, incarceration, work release, in home detention and after care. Denver County has a special DUI court with extensive monitoring. Jefferson County has the inmate/outmate program specially designed for DUI offenders. An experienced DUI attorney will be able to advise you on the pros and cons of the special courts designed for multiple offenders.